Volkswagen Allows e-Golf Buyers To Assemble Their Own Cars


With supervision, of course.

There was a time when building models of your favorite cars was a pretty popular hobby. This writer managed to cobble a few together as a kid, but they were barely shelf-worthy. Definitely not roadworthy. Now, Volkswagen will let you experience putting an actual car together. And not just any car — your car. At least, if you’ve ordered an all-electric e-Golf.

The German automaker has created this unique opportunity at its famous electric-mobility-centered “Transparent Factory” in Dresden. Customers will be able to participate in their vehicle’s assembly at four different stations. They’ll be able to watch the “marriage,” the joining together of body and soul drivetrain. With adult supervision, they’ll also get to perform some of the tasks usually done by factory workers.

There is a charge of 390 euros ($447) for the experience. However, some of that is offset by a 50-euro ($57) voucher toward a meal at the facility’s fancy e-VITRUM restaurant. There you can partake in some fine dining to help you recover from your car assembly endeavors.

In the end, you get an experience that may help you form a bond with both the brand and your e-Golf. As a reminder, the battery-powered VW packs a 35.8 kWh battery, which gives it an EPA-rated range of 125 miles. Its 100 kW (134 horsepower) motor helps propel the four-door hatchback from a standstill to 62 miles per hour (100 kph) in 9.6 seconds.

While the press release (below) doesn’t say how long the offer is good for, we expect the model to be discontinued to make way for the 2020 Volkswagen I.D. hatchback. Although sales in the U.S were limited, mainly by supply, in 2018 with 1,354 examples sold, the model has been quite popular in Europe. The company practically doubled its production rate for 2018 and may have cranked out as many as 25,200 cars in total.

Customers can now get a much closer look at their e-Golf during production. In the Transport Factory, you can accompany your future vehicle a part of the way along the production line. Under the expert guidance of the factory’s employees, the customer is able to actively get involved at four stations, e.g. when installing the dash panel. Other places where the customer can experience the assembly of their vehicle include joining the drive train to the body (“marriage”) and installing the front radiator grille. With the new possibility of accompanying production, the Volkswagen Transparent Factory in Dresden is expanding its range of services in respect of the electric mobility experience.

Arnd Meyer-Clasen, Head of Sales: “The Transparent Factory is the showcase of e-mobility of Volkswagen. In addition to test drives, configuration and delivery of the e-Golf, another highlight we now offer is the ability to follow production. With us, not only are customers able to be there during the production of their car, but can also get involved themselves. Electric mobility that you can touch: this experience is unique in the automotive world.”

The opportunity to follow production can be booked when ordering the e-Golf from the dealer. Appointments can be made during the production time, i.e. Monday to Friday, 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. The special experience package costs EUR 390. In addition to following production, this includes inner-city transfers, a tour of the production and exhibition area, souvenir photos and a voucher of EUR 50 for a restaurant visit to the e-VITRUM.

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Wait, this costs extra? Shouldn’t accepting a 9.6 second 0-60 time from an EV be payment enough? Oh I see it includes a “free” lunch… maybe throw in a quick tour of the lab where you were gassing the lab monkeys with “clean diesel” exhaust to try and cover-up diesel gate and we’ll make of day of it. Maybe VW’s CEO could even try setting foot on USA soil, we will give him plenty of free lunches… in prison!

Oh, the irony of Americans complaining the others are polluting too much. I’m actually surprised your cia hasn’t kidnapped him yet.

The Monkey lab is actually located in the United States.

True… From NY Times (2/22/18): “A research organization overseen and wholly financed by Volkswagen and other German carmakers had hired Lovelace [Respiratory Research Institute in Albuquerque] to test the effects of diesel exhaust on monkeys. By locking 10 monkeys in glass chambers, and exposing them for four hours to diluted exhaust from a Volkswagen Beetle, according to court documents, the carmakers hoped to prove that modern technology had neutralized the toxic effects of diesel fumes, which are blamed for hundreds of thousands of premature deaths. The diesel Volkswagen Beetle used in the experiments was fitted with illegal software that reduced emissions substantially in lab conditions.”

Surprisingly the most complaints about VW emission testing were on using monkeys, however hardly anybody complaint that VW contracted the university of Aachen (Germany) who performed similar NOx tests on their engineering students.

In 2011, “self building” (with a supervisor working for the manufacturer) a complete V8 engine (only the engine!) for your Corvette, costed 6000$ extra. So that VW offer is quite cheap. And I think you’ll do there just far less complex things than building a V8 engine…


Is this offered to all three customers of the e-golf ?

this is something unique to the Dresden “transparent factory” and not really new. They offered this experience for Phaeton buyers as well.
Production is 70 eGolf a day. Not really a place for mass production.

That factory is pretty amazing actually, worth scheduling a tour if you find yourself in the area.

This is a very cool idea.
Not very expensive, if you consider that someone has to supervise you and it will likely slow down the process.

But yes of course… VW EVIL etc…

Of course it will slow down the process. That’s the thing I find difficult to understand about this whole thing. It’s a nice idea; great for customer engagement, but it can’t possibly be good for overall factory performance. A factory that does this kind of thing will have lower output than one that doesn’t.

This implies to me that VW are still not planning to max out their capacity building their EVs, which in turn tells me that they don’t see the E-Golf as a big seller or important to the company.

I like the customer engagement angle, because it will win more people over to EVs, but I’d much rather they could achieve that goal by building the best EV they can, such that the car is good enough to sell itself.

Maybe their next EV will be like this.

This is a show factory to begin with. Productivity and cost efficiency isn’t the goal. It is a marketing tool.

Sure, tighten couple nuts probably…

That sure wouldn’t help with the VW factory cost.

If I was in Europe and purchasing an e-Golf, I would pay the extra. I think it would be great even just to watch your own car being built, and being able to install a couple of parts is a bonus.

Not to be out done, the Kaiser Hospitals chain is allowing patients to perform surgery on themselves ….

The patient asked if he could do his own stitches…

And the doctor said “suture self”.


GM did this with the Corvette. You could build your own 650 HP engine in a day with the help of a technician. Only an extra $5K.

/sarcasm (pun intended):

It seems somewhat odd to pay for a service that essentially enables a potentially unqualified person to decrease the build speed and quality of their car. 😉

Does the vehicle’s warranty against faulty workmanship include the parts fitted by the customer?

Of course. The car still has to pass quality control before it leaves the factory.

The e-Golf, Soul, Focus, ionique, and Clarity I guess are the Leaf’s main competition in the ~$300/mo BEV category and yet their combined Dec sales were under 1/4 the Leaf’s.

Bizarre how Nissan is just hanging on by default in.this segment.

I excluded the e500 because nobody in their right mind would buy one of those, the ones I see at chargers always have some a-hole realtor, insurance agent, or nutrition MLM scammer stickers all over them.

You don’t seem to understand that these cars are not really sold by the manufacturers. No stock, no sale. They are not competing with Nissan because they are not even trying.