Volkswagen e-Crafter Won’t Be Available In UK Until Mid-2021

DEC 6 2018 BY MARK KANE 14

Van operators interested in switching to EVs can always get… a knowledge boost

After the UK debut at the CV Show in Birmingham, Volkswagen presents its all-electric large van e-Crafter also at Milton Keynes EV Experience Centre (from Friday 7 to Monday 10 December), however, it’s still more than two years from market launch.

The German manufacturer already began sales of left-hand-drive version in some European markets, but the right-hand-drive for the UK is expected around mid-2021. Pricing and specifications have yet to be confirmed. This is probably why alternatives like Renault Master Z.E. can stay relatively expensive without much EV competition.

“Van operators interested in finding out more about making the switch to electric vehicles can always get a knowledge boost and advice from experts at the EV Experience Centre in Milton Keynes. And to get a real taste of what’s coming up, they’ll also have the chance to see the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles e-Crafter there this weekend.”

Volkswagen e-Crafter specs:

  • up to 173 km (107 miles)
  • 36 kWh battery
  • 80% recharge in 45 minutes (at 40 kW DC CCS Combo) or 5.5 hour AC (7.2 kW on-board charger)
  • 100 kW and 290 Nm electric motor
  • 90 km/h (56 mph) top speed
  • Depending on the type approval and whether it is a 3.5 tonne or 4.25 tonne variant, it offers a payload of up to 1.0 to 1.75 tonnes. Its cargo space provides almost 11 m3 of volume.
Volkswagen e-Crafter
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Volkswagen e-Crafter Volkswagen e-Crafter Volkswagen e-Crafter Volkswagen e-Crafter Volkswagen e-Crafter Volkswagen e-Crafter Volkswagen e-Crafter

“Based in centre:mk at 26-28 Crown Walk, Milton Keynes (MK9 3AH), the EV Experience Centre was the UK’s first brand neutral centre dedicated to electric vehicles. Funded through a partnership with Go Ultra Low and complementing Milton Keynes’ status as an Ultra Low City, the centre’s aim is to provide free education and advice about electric and plug-in vehicles. Not only can the team there inform visitors about the different electric vehicles currently available and coming to the market, but they also offer advice on charging and infrastructure, as well as answering questions to allow customers to make informed choices. They also offer test drive opportunities in a number of different electric cars.”

Commenting on the Centre’s latest arrival, Ted Foster, Centre Manager at the EV Experience Centre said:

‘We deal everyday with enquiries and concerns about electric vehicles from potential customers, and there’s no doubt van operators have a raft of issues to understand too. Having the e-Crafter at the Centre for people to view, especially over such a busy shopping weekend, will spark some interesting discussions and get operators thinking about what’s right for their fleet.’

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ya dont say? i figured i could buy one today like their ID series

You can buy one today. Just not a RHD version.

Maybe time to switch to driving in the right lane.. like 99% of other countries.

why, what would this do? make car manufacturing easier?

You no nothing about the world. Something like a third of the world’s population drive on the left.

If you don’t count Japan, they are all former British colonies.
They (the British) travel in the left lane. . for back in the old times you held the sword in your right hand. .meaning you were ready to fight a person you met on the road.

If all countries travelled on the same side they would get car models sooner. It is not that long ago Sweden changed to driving in the right hand lane. Worked for them. Would be expensive, require a lot of planning though.

As for knowing nothing about the world. .
I have not met a person that has travelled to more countries then me. There are probably less then 15-20 countries I’ve never been to. Most of those are tiny, located in the Pacific ocean, a few in Africa, two in the Caribean ocean, two that was part of the former USSR and Afghanistan.
That is about it.. I have worked in about 30 countries, been to school in 7 and so on..

But it isn’t the way you want it to be. I mean India is pretty big and they’re driving on the left. I’ve lived in a left hand drive country for 1 year. And it’s essentially like driving on the right side. It’s the same natural felling because everything is just the other way around. Of course it’s a bummer to not get cars as fast as RHD markets but they will get them eventually.

@John Doe; Canada is a former British colony and yet we know the correct, or right, side of the road to drive on.

But they promised 47 new electric models by then. Go figure.,

im holding my breath

This isn’t contradictory.

Any price quoted today for the UK version will IMHO have to go up by at least 10% after the UK leaves the UK with no deal and WTO rules will apply meaning a blanket 10% on everything.
Unless Donal Trump succeeds in dismantling the WTO first….

Depends on the competition. VW may take that 10% hit, to increase their market share. . if they are interested in higher EV van market share that is..

There are potentially 66 million customers in the UK.

Trade should benefit both sides.

I would think they (the UK) can make a deal they can live with in regards to trade. Trade and tariffs tend to go both ways.
It the UK can export and import cars at the same tariff. . if not, there will be all kind of changes.. no need for them to buy wine from southern Europa, if they can buy from Australia, the US, Chile and so on. Just to mention one product.

Well, with Brexit looming, why would any company put effort forward until after the smoke clears?