Volkswagen e-Co-motion Electric Van Hits the Stage in Geneva


VW e-Co-Motion

VW e-Co-Motion

German automaker Volkswagen teased the on-stage debut of it electric e-Co-Motion Concept a few days back, but now that the transporter of the future hit the stage at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, there are more details to share.

VW e-Co-Motion Teaser

VW e-Co-Motion Teaser

The press blast from Volkswagen focuses on how the e-Co-Motion could forever change the light-duty commercial vehicle world:

“Electric mobility—especially in the area of light commercial vehicles—will assume a decisive role over the mid- to long-term considering the growing transport needs in the world’s megacities.”

There’s mention of transporting goods silently and emissions-free in urban centers and even a possible new vehicle classification: inner-city freight hauler.

All that’s fine, but what’s the e-Co-Motion capable of?  Well, according to VW, the electric trasnporter would come with three options for battery capacity: 20, 30 or 40 kWh, Range, respectively, is listed at 62, 93 and 124 miles.  The powertrain featured in the e-Co-Motion is the same that’s found on the electric VW Golf, so figure a max horsepower rating of 110 and peak torque of 200 pound-feet.

Inside, the e-CO-motion hauls up to 162 cubic feet of cargo weighing a max of 1764 pounds.  The interior is adaptable, too. “[A]ll sorts of derivatives are imaginable.” says Volkswagen.

Yes.  In the automotive world everything is imaginable, but let’s not forget that the e-Co-Motion is only a concept and that VW has a long history of showing off flashy concepts packed with technology, most of which never enter production.

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It at least has a 40 kwh battery available, so they say

Why is this a concept? Why can’t one go to their nearest VW dealership and get one of these now?

Because it was the “Bulli” EV retro Microbus, before it was restyled / redesigned as a corporate panel van. 😛 I guess VW thinks that’s a bigger market, than rich hipsters. *shrugs*