Volkswagen Discusses MEB Electric Platform – Long-Range, Open Design, Cheap To Build

NOV 8 2016 BY MARK KANE 28

Volkswagen intends to launch the first electric cars based on its MEB platform by 2020 with a skateboard battery pack (which quite honestly seems to be the way every long range BEV maker is going).

According to a recent report, the MEB platform will enable the VW group of brands to offer long-range all-electric models in multiple configuration, including RWD and AWD.

Volkswagen I.D.

Volkswagen I.D.

Other main features included in the project (shared between various models) will be connectivity and autonomous driving capability.

Developing a generic electric vehicle platform is also important from economic stand point, as Volkswagen says the prices of the upcoming production I.D. (with a 250+ mile range) is to be comparable with diesel Golf (€30,000, $33,500) – something which can only happen with help of volume of scale.

MEB will support not only compact cars (think Golf-sized) but both a class lower, and also a class larger – such as with Passat or Tiguan compact SUV sized cars.

Volkswagen I.D.

Volkswagen I.D.

According to reports, the main sales volume for the platform will come from China.

“Batteries. The MEB extends its open approach to batteries, as well. Senger observed that Volkswagen will need a global sourcing strategy for batteries, in collaboration with its suppliers. Because Volkswagen expects the main sales volume of MEB vehicles to be in China, the company will need to have suppliers in China.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has announced that that any plug-in vehicles applying for a Chinese government subsidy had to contain a battery manufactured by one of 25 Chinese-owned companies listed on MIIT’s so-called “White List.” LG Chem and Samsung are not on the list. Hence, Volkswagen will partner with a battery provider (or providers) that is (or are).

As well, particularly with its targeted sales volume of one million vehicles, Volkswagen will need other suppliers elsewhere. This will be facilitated, Senger said, by the design of the battery system within the MEB. The key, he said, is simplification.”

source: Green Car Congress

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Talk is cheap.

It certianly is…
Fell free to go buy a BEV Honda? Toyota? Dodge? Mitsubushi? Ford well I guess you can order one and then wait two months for the compliance car delivery…
VW meanwhile sells two BEV and three PHEVs and will produce a third BEV next year but that is just talk per say at this point…

In the mean time feel free to look at the link below to see who does and doesnt sell oe the most EVs…

You can buy a BEV Mitsubishi today.

I think he meant Mazda.

Actualy I did mean Mitsubushi as I totaly forgot about the iMiev although Mazda and a number of other brands fit I there as well…
Just looked it up iMiev 86 US sales YTD…

I thought Nissan Had an I.D. This is More like “JOKESWAGEN”

Note to Nissan, something you didn’t do:
Notice the VW plans, just like BMW, includes a path for installing upgraded batteries in the used cars so your used cars hold their value. A little planning goes a long way toward staying in business and keeps customers coming back.

Nissan has done more in the EV world than VW and BMW combined.

In 3 years you’ll be able to get an aftermarket battery pack from several different companies

Aftermarket, yes.
Upgraded…probably not.

That would require a lot of reprogramming that the automakers made intentionally difficult.

I’d love to throw a larger capacity pack in my Volt, but it just isn’t going to happen.

Like Ford said, “The upgrade path is buying a new vehicle”

Unfortunately true!

Nevertheless, upgrading an old vehicle with more capacity is a clever move.

Nissan would just leap frog its dominance of the market if they would offer it.

Tesla as also offers this possibility.


Their new peoples car. A modern Golf if you will.

I think VW realizes this is what will give them a new ID.

Cheap to build, except for the batteries. And you’re not building your own gigafactory for batteries yet, are you VW Group?

Of course they are.

They have little choice in the matter.

guys kinda harsh. I’m happy for them. They realized build a beautiful body and interior… then raise up the suspension, drivetrain, and battery pack as the frame. I’m happy automotive companies are figuring out how to perfect the skateboard design.
I’m hoping they say wow this is easy, let’s kill the ICE cars !!


Then all we need to do is get everybody to give up beef, and palm-oil while we are at it.

You aint touchin my hamburgers or steaks !!
I do only use canola oil though ?

They say being a Vegetarian might be a huge missed Steak.

Go watch “before the flood”, you might consider a small change from Beef, the numbers do not lie. It is quite scary!

Palm Oil is in everything.

it’s not in my water, my coffee, my T-shirt, my computer, my monitor, …

Thanks, I plan to buy more beef.

It’s sounds like a scam to me.
ICE makers think like this: be an early EV adopter by buying our ICEs, we need to invest a lot in the future EVs. And they have so many advantages (like Mercedes stated in an earlier thread).
And people are dumb enough to buy them, just like they would buy a promise to go to paradise.

Yea, People Buy them. Then they take the money & Run !

Open Source? See OSVehicle.

Wow, Rear wheel drive and skateboard battery setup, looks like a company starting with T and ending in A was onto something.

Anyway, looks like the mission is almost a success, EV nirvana here we come.

Hey it’s the Model S with blue tires!

Unspoken here is that everyone seems to be adopting the Tesla basic design.

The next horizon is what Porsche is doing: the 15 minute charge car. That would go very far in advancing the cause of EVs as a general purpose car suitable for sole car use.

“Unspoken here is that everyone seems to be adopting the Tesla basic design.”

Adam said: “Wow, Rear wheel drive and skateboard battery setup, looks like a company starting with T and ending in A was onto something.”

Are you really that incapable of reading between the lines?

When I was a kid I loved VW’s. Then they started filling the car with gobbledygook, burned too much oil, and in general got unreliable, besides pricey.

Lately I’ve wanted to give them a second look, but in the states at least (maybe they’ve actually released stuff in Germany, I don’t know) but for someone here in the States it seems they are constantly coming out with rather mediocre concept vehicles, but precious little for sale.

If they put a low price on some of this stuff, they might change my mind, but I don’t see them as being currently very persuasive to these eyes, and if sales figures here are any clue, they haven’t convinced many others.

“Diesel-Gate” has left a bad taste in the mouth of the American Consumer. They and Bosch have not come clean about anything before having their hand forced.

So we wonder, what other gotchas are in the car that simply are still yet to be discovered?