Volkswagen Creating New EV As “Iconic” As The Golf With 311+ Miles Of Range

FEB 9 2016 BY JAY COLE 50

Just recently we heard that the next generation of Volkswagen e-Golf would be getting a big range upgrade – to 300 km/186 miles for 2018.  And not just fancy “NEDC”-rated miles (that translate into a lot less actual miles on the road), these would be “real world” miles.

Das Auto Slogan Is Out, "Think New" Is In - As Well As A New e-Golf In 2018

Das Auto Slogan Is Out, “Think New” Is In – As Well As A New e-Golf In 2018

Now Autocar says it has taken the wraps off of VW plans to create another, wholly different electric car.

We should note that another new electric vehicle,  and/or press release about an EV would be no significant thing for Volkswagen…as the company seems to almost monthly introduce us to a new electrified car, SUV or concept vehicle.

However this car is said to be something special, as VW boss Herbert Diess wants a unique electric car model that will be as iconic as the Golf itself.

This new project is said to be the flagship for VW’s post-dieselgate existence, to show what the company can do when it really puts its mind to a EV, similar to the multi-billion dollar program at BMW that brought us the (very unique) i3.

Diess has instructed the lead engineers at the company to create “the Volkswagen for the digital age”, and to have the car ready to hit the market by 2019.

New MEB Architecture To Underpin 300+ Mile Mid-Size EV From VW For 2019

New MEB Architecture To Underpin 300+ Mile Mid-Size EV From VW For 2019

CES 2016 in Las Vegas – Volkswagen BUDD-e

CES 2016 in Las Vegas – Volkswagen BUDD-e

This new car would actually be sized up from the e-Golf, at some 4,400 mm in length (the e-Golf stands at 4255) on Volkswagen’s new EV-specific, MEB architecture.  One might remember this platform debuting in the form of the BUDD-e concept from CES.

And as Mr. Diess seems to be fond of, he wants range.  A lot more range.  Not next generation e-Golf range either, the VW boss is targeting more than 500 km/311 miles.

This number might sound fairly aggressive, but remember the brick-shaped BUDD-e concept was outfitted with a massive 101 kWh battery.  Repackaged into a more svelte package, 300+ miles of real world range would certainly be achievable.

It appears that CEO Matthia Müller’s words on the future direction of Volkswagen, might actually be a reality:

“We are using the current crisis to fundamentally realign the group. I feel we now have the chance to build a new and better Volkswagen.”


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Insane Electric Torque

My electric car will have 10 000hp and I’ll be multimillionaire till 2019.
I’m such a liar like Volkswagen.

Similarly, “the Model X will ship in 2014.” It’s been four years since the prototype but still no mass produced car. If anything, the evidence points to lack of commitment by Tesla. Plenty of ways to point the finger of doubt.

They shipped over 300 of them last month.

Lack of commitment ? Lol certainly not. They would if they could and soon they will. Too optimistic planning and taking risks that affected the timeline ? Certainly. But the outcome will be a ‘worth the wait’ car instead of a ‘made it to market in time but compromises usability’ like the Bolt will be. I read somewhere they can’t do adaptive cruise control because of the brake design. That is going to be a minimum requirement feature for stop and go traffic by the time they are on the market.

And the “reply without really reading what I replied to” award goes to…..

Well actually at the intro event on February 9, 2012 — four years ago today — they promised the car to be delivered before the end of 2013. Plus or minus, that means it’s at least two years late now, for most people who ordered the car until the first delay was announced.

Well, I remember reading in 2009 a quote from Audi about the Q6-E Tron that would being sell in 2014…Not speaking the years long delays about first generation Apple I-Phones, something less complicate than an Electric Compelling SUV as the Model X.

How else you will sell shares at bubble price to investors to finance growth other than promising unrealistic overhyped things? It is how business is done in Silicon Valley.

They are starting Model X production. Hopefully they will get out of “signature” mode by next year, it takes time.

Saw one yesterday at the local market by my house. Nice car.

Three Oil Companies Three Electrics said:

“…still no mass produced car”

If you had posted that a couple of months ago, your FUD might have had a point. But now, it just looks like you’re not keeping up with the news.

Yup totally agree. VW is the world’s most prolific car maker, making something like 95 models (maybe over 100 by now).

Too bad the only thing I can buy is a rather pricey E-Golf, that doesn’t go very far.

Golf EV Iconic??? News to me! that makes zer0 sense….Also I hope this Wind Catcher Of a van will be more aerodynamic than it looks Now, & doesn’t end being anything like the disastrous BMW i3..they talk about

I’ll believe them when the finished product is here

I BELIEVE you, now.

How many diesel cars will they sell between now and 2019. If VW could only get people to believe this BS so they can go back to the business of poisoning the masses.

It is going to take a lot more than these frequent press releases to make most of us believers. You can’t even buy an e-Golf in PA. For sure just a compliance car, and they have to show us the car, not just talk about it. Certainly, VW has the technical expertise to pull this off, but we will remain skeptical until it happens. Hope that it does, though.


I count myself lucky, have been driving the e-Golf in California for more than a year now and am loving it… still working on structuring things to replace with a model X though…

Yawn. Call me when I can see it at a showroom in someplace like Nebraska.

I’m curious. How many different EVs can you see in a showroom in Nebraska? My guess is if it’s anything like Illinois, not many.

So they can jam ~90kWh into a mid-sized car – who will pay $60k for that?

Although we really shouldn’t give VW credit for something they plan to do, how do we know it will be $60k, just because it has a 85kWh battery pack? Right we can’t know that. Price per kWh is a very vague strategy to price a car, but if they will produce the packs, motors and the car at a high volume, we ca safely say that the premium over an ICE, for a 85kwh Ev should not be more than $10k add that to the Passat and you get way below $60k.

TOOOooooo Many If’s Butts, & And’s ….But I do hope this materializes.. With improved aerodynamics & that Motor Up in the Front Is placed at a lower point in the chassis…for a better center of gravity…& Then the PRICE!!!

Thats what I meant, we are just speculating. Who knows the price? I guess not even the VW engineers are sure how expensive it will get. But we all were surprised about the jump from our current EVs to the Bolt. And VW is far more capable than GM, if they try. And that will decide the outcome, do they try their best, or not.

60 kWh Bolt is expected to be below $40k. And by the time they will jam it, many years will pass. So why not, it is quite realistic target for engineers from CEO. Of course it doesn’t mean at all that engineers just have everything ready and done and it is possible to buy these 90 kWh for Golf price level.

Yeah, I’ll build you 5000 miles range EV. It’ll just cost you $2 million dollars! All these talk is just nonsense. Let’s talk money, and they become fantasy. Tesla (and Model 3) is the benchmark, anyone claiming better must have extraordinary evidence to the contrary.

The Model 3 does not exist. Do you mean the Bolt?

I wish the Bolt didnt exist.

Your wish is granted, since it doesn’t.

I’m glad it does. GM’s corporate culture and engineers need to transition to these “modern” electric drivetrains. Maybe a long range BEV might help them grasp why installing DCFC infrastructure is so important, and not a sign of non-profitability.

Tired of bailing out GM everytime it goes bankrupt…

Tired of comments like this about “GM bailout”. Ever hear of kicking a dead horse?

It would have cost more if GM went CH7.

Don’t you know that Anon is the captain of “GM hating squad”?

He views GM as a “dead horse” and would like to beat it every time he posts.


Well, GM mass production of the bolt announcements, mass production electric long range WW, future long range Nissan Leaf, etc…Is the century long love affair between oil industry and traditional ICE car industry going to a divorce? Well,If so, oil prices can only go further down…

What do they care? Gm UNLIKE “MUSK” uses everybody else’s money, they never their own money ,..S0 it’s a Win Win for GM , even when they go BANKRUPT…We Lose they ALWAYS Win It’s “FREE MONEY” for Them!

Bolt is lot easier since it doesn’t need charging infrastructure. But Model 3 is the benchmark including high power charger. Yeah VW talked about it, but talk is less than cheap; it’s free.

You’re making assumptions.

Model 3 is the same vaporware as 90 kWh Golf. Or Model X in production in 2013.

You may talk about Bolt, but I don’t see it taking market by storm either. Gas is cheap, and you can buy econobox well below $20k MSRP, or 56 mpg hybrid for $25k MSRP if you choose to ignore that it may take something like 200,000+ miles for it to pay off. And it may even have simple whistles like adoptive cruise control. Bolt of course has superior electric drive, but number of enthusiasts who are going to pay so much extra for it is limited.

I sorta believe VW is serious. It’ll just take ~5+ years.

In the meantime, why they’re tanking and how it goes beyond diesel-gate:

If you’re a VW owner, you realize defeat devices merely add to a list.

My mind is still completely blown by dieselgate. They literally intentionally sold thousand and thousands of vehicles for some 7 years with a computer program designed to cheat emissions checks. It is so blatantly illegal/wrong/immoral/shameful/etc.

And people knew about it and kept their mouths shut. I hate to go Godwin but you can definitely see that authoritarian German streak of following orders even when you know they are wrong.

:-). Actually the shouting (authoritarian thus) German general is a major character of many post WW2 French comic films. I never paid attention to that until some years ago when I did some consulting job in a German only dept. There I actually saw a German director shouting to his employees. So now I believe there might be some reality in those French films of the 50’s :-). Made me kind of grasp how could dieselgate have happened.

Oh ye of little faith.

Nice to see major automakers finally get with the program.

Sadly, they all could have started this some 8 years when it was clear that oil was getting more expensive and climate change was well known.

(Yes, oil prices are really cheap right now but that is just because there is a temporary glut. Right now the frackers are not profitable, the tar sands are not profitable, the deepwater Gulf of Mexico is not profitable, Norway’s Arctic oil is not profitable, etc. Rigs are being idled all over the place. After the current glut is worked through, prices will go back up. But it might take a couple years.)

You and Saudia Arabia are betting against the american producers. I have seen people lose that bet many times over my half century on the planet. The frackers are different. Lots of bankrupcies, lots of equipment and drilling rights sales. Then when oil prices rise, they’ll spring back up like musrooms after the spring rain.

Oil does not go obsolete because “they don’t make it”. It goes obsolete when we don’t want to burn it anymore. Then it charges right on to plastics and chemicals.

If you want your clean socialist fantasy, vote for Bernie.

FEEL THE BERN…he has my vote in Florida primary

Yep, you need leadership to make it a reality.

The market isn’t going to get it done without leadership.

Bernie isn’t a half bad choice.

If the alternative is a the current “dirty capitalist reality”, I don’t think it hurts to at least fight a little for something cleaner and more fantastic.

It is not temporary. The decade long bubble was temporary. Now it is gone and things are back to normal. Frackers are not going anywhere, wells may change hands after bankruptcy and less profitable ones will be put on hold, but they will be ready to resume as soon as prices try to raise their heads. The same for other world wide market oil producers, they are not shutting down wells. Technologies that lead to more efficient cars are not going anywhere either, they are already developed and supported by governments to some extent so they will stay.

I’m going to take a different line here, instead of bashing VW, I’m excited by these EV announcements.

Diesel gate, whilst an unbelievable disregard for our environment, paradoxically is the greatest thing to happen to EVs since Tesla. VW has now has no choice but to clean up its image, and their is no better way than to move toward EVs. Sure some will want to see them die, but I’d rather see them survive and flourish, because in the end a sustainable transport fleet is more important.


Well said, Adam.

Promises from VW…. the company that refuses to sell the e-Golf nationwide.