Volkswagen Confirms US Launch of CrossBlue-Based 7-Seat SUV in 2016 – PHEV Version Expected


The CrossBlue is coming.  The CrossBlue is coming.

VW Estimates A 14 Mile Range And 89 MPGe Rating Out of Its AWD SUV

VW Estimates A 14 Mile Range And 89 MPGe Rating Out of Its AWD SUV

Volkswagen has officially confirmed that the US will get a CrossBlue-based 7-seat SUV in 2016.

The vehicle shown in these images “is that car” that we’ll get, says Volkswagen of America spokesman Scott Vazin:

“The basic design is exactly what you’d see coming to market.”

It’s believed that the production version will make its worldwide debut at next year’s Detroit Auto Show.

VW says that the CrossBlue is tailored for the US market, so we’re not sure if it’ll be sold outside of the United States.

As for specific details on the production version, those are still scarce.  We do know that the concept version is a plug-in hybrid and we suspect that the production one will be offered with a PHEV setup too.

VW To Have The First Extended Range Plug-In With Seating For Up To Seven?

VW To Have The First Extended Range Plug-In With Seating For Up To Seven?

Some reports say several engine options will be offered, including a PHEV setup.  We believe VW will indeed offer a PHEV version, but perhaps not from the get go.

When CrossBlue enters production, it’ll get a name change, though VW is not yet willing to tell us what the SUV will be called.

Additionally, the platform that underpins the CrossBlue concept will be the basis for the next-gen Tiguan, which to us hints that the Tiguan may get the PHEV treatment too.

The VW CrossBlue is expected to have a base price of as low as $32,000 US, though we’re certain that the PHEV version will cost significantly more.

CrossBlue Powertrain Detail

CrossBlue Powertrain Detail

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14 Comments on "Volkswagen Confirms US Launch of CrossBlue-Based 7-Seat SUV in 2016 – PHEV Version Expected"

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Why such short range? It’s better than nothing but 30 miles should be the minimum range for a plug-in.

Cost vs dramatically reducing gas usage (eliminate not the transitional goal). Lot of short trips to store, soccer, etc, on battery.

Mikael I think that is an unnecessary requirement and I don’t think you understand the difference vehicles like this could make.

Like it or not in the U.S 7 passenger SUV’s are used like minivans — Lots of city/suburban driving doing short trips 5-7 days a week, with occasional long distance hauls. On the majority of days, where you have the short trip city driving, you tend to have opportunities to charge in between.

Even w/out opportunities to charge in between trips, 14 EV miles is huge when you consider the kind of mpg the vehicle this replaces gets. Look at the average CITY mpg rating of 7 passenger SUV’s and minivans offered in the U.S. Some people hate SUV’s and how they are used in the U.S., but 7 passenger minivans are pretty inefficient in the city as well. They all suck really bad, with the exception of the highlander hybrid which doesn’t suck quite as bad. Replacing these vehicles which are very inefficient in their day to day usage with vehicles that can get 14 EV miles every day (and more when charged in between) is huge!

Sure you aren’t channeling Bob Lutz?

TDI engine please.

Why are they waiting untill 2016? Also:

“We belive VW will indeed offer a PHEV version, but not from the get go”.

So 2017 for a 14 mi EV range PHEV?

I figure 2017 would even be too soon for this company. Seriously. VW takes an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes. IF they even do build a PHEV version of the Crossblue, and that’s a huge “IF”, we’re probably looking more at 2018 to 2019 timeframe. They won’t have the regular gas driven version to market until 2016.

I seriously like this vehicle. I believe It would fit my own family nicely. But it’s going to be a long wait. That’s what so frustrating with VW. They have this huge gaping hole in their line-up needing a 3 row crossover, and are just now in 2014 deciding “well I guess maybe we should do one of these for the American market.” Hmmmm…You think?

My thoughts are:
1. I like the design a lot. Very nice and it shares a number of similarities to the Jeep Grand Cherokee (which is a good thing).
2. Stick with the CrossBlue name. VW is number one in terrible vehicle names. At least CrossBlue can be pronounced without a look in wikipedia beforehand.
3. We’ll be waiting a very, very long time to see a Plug-in version of this vehicle, if it comes at all. My guess is VW will test the waters to see if this thing floats at all saleswise. If they can move a couple hundred thousand units a year of this vehicle, or if a competitor comes with a PHEV, then perhaps we’ll see a VW PHEV too. Look at how long it took VW to decide to even make this thing…there’s your answer.

It looks great and I think will sell decently, but the PHEV is a long shot imho.

Damn GM . . . if you let Volkswagen beat you to market with a PHEV SUV then you really screwed up. You have that Voltec technology just sitting there. And worse, you even had that Saturn VUE PHEV pretty much ready to go. Damn it, do something!

GM? Anything?

After clicking the link I did a double take on the title to make sure I read it right. Yes, this is a VW. When I saw the styling of the vehicle in the pics I thought it was Jeep Grand Cherokee (not that that’s bad). It looks good.

Great car. Looking beautiful. I will consider getting one if it comes under my budget. I hope they make it economic to run. If they can make hybrid SUV for example using electric on the city and keeping that powerful engine on the off-road situation would be fantastic. BUT 2016 is long way to go, so lots can change.

Why don’t they just call it the CrossBlue, its an awesome name, and easy to remember

They’re getting closer, but taking years.
Needs a TDI up front. Tesla conformal batteries in the bottom, Rear wheel inhub regen drive motors. 60 mile BEV range, nice. 4WD