Volkswagen BUDD-e Reportedly Production Bound

FEB 1 2016 BY MARK KANE 25

CES 2016 in Las Vegas – Volkswagen BUDD-e

CES 2016 in Las Vegas – Volkswagen BUDD-e

Volkswagen unveiled at the 2016 CES in Las Vegas the BUDD-e concept – an all electric car with the new MEB modular platform, two motors and a 101 kWh battery.

The MEB will be platform for several new electric models, but will BUDD-e, in some form, reach the production stage?

According to CAR magazine there will be production model similar to the BUDD-e concept (more or less):

“Dr Volkmar Tanneberger, head of electronic development and the driving force behind the BUDD-e concept, told CAR magazine’s Ben Barry:

‘You will see a car that looks a lot like this, on the MEB platform, reach production. I can’t say exactly when, but 2020 or thereabouts.”

Source: CAR magazine

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The Bolt will take two years from concept to production. I can understand the popularity of the BUDDe but the BUDDe is really nothing like the Bolt. We might see a production BUDDe in three years and then it will probably list for around $50,000.

Not that this is bad but I’m not going to expect the turn around or the pricing we’ve seen on the Bolt.

We can’t say. VW will use its MEB on the Golf first, obviously and then there will be an electric Passat and an electric Tiguan, before they try to build a new car. And at least the eGolf will try to beat the Bolt in price and range. So the price might have gone down, due to reuse of technology, thats what the MEB is for, and we might see a reasonable priced Budd-e in 2020.

The MEB platform will be great with dual motors enabling AWD! I have the MQB e-Golf, and love it. What I’d really like to see is the Golf Sportwagen put on the MEB base. When my lease is up, I’ll be looking at the latest “200 mile” EV to replace my e-Golf with.

I’d be pretty surprised if this comes out with a 101KWH battery for $50K.

I hope they reduce their drag coefficient, source denser batteries, and make the solar panel optional. Air bags would be nice, too.

The Mercedes Boxfish concept showed what could be done aerodynamically (cD 0.19) with a two-box shape, but it seems to be forgotten now.

Link please.

VW will produce lots of ev press releases , ev’s not so much.
They will likely supass Audi as the ev press release kings

last year VW sold 2x more plugins than Chevrolet..

On what are you basing this claim?

In 2015, VW sold 40,148 plug-ins. Chevy didn’t even make the list of the top 10, while VW was #4. #10, Ford, sold 21,326 plug-ins. Therefore, I would say his claim is perfectly valid.

VW’s plug in numbers are bolstered by PHEVs. Compare VAG’s BEV numbers against Nissan’s for example…

Doesn’t the iev chart I linked to below include plug-in hybrids though?

or why not compare VW BEV vs Chevrolet BEVs? Why should I compare to Nissan? To make your picked criteria comparison right?

This chart heavily disagrees:

Is this just complete hot air, or did you mean to say something like “in Germany”?

“In Germany” was my first thought as well. Feels like a VW troll trying to convince people of more lies.
Masters of FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt)

I am almost certain that he means worldwide sales, you Master of FUD…

Didn’t someone, in an comment on an earlier article about this car, say that VW has claimed it’s been headed to production multiple times… never with any follow-through?

Even if that were not the case, isn’t it true that auto makers often claim their concept cars will go into production, even when they have absolutely no intention of doing so, to get more attention for their company and its cars?

We don’t have to be Charlie Brown. If Lucy keeps pulling the football away, we don’t have to fall for it this time.

It’s too bad you are so right! BTW,I like the analogy.

The only other car company that can hold a candle to VW for non-starters in production is Nissan with their many Ad fantasies about NISMO Leaf racecars, future Delta BEVs, Polar Bears and a campaign on “Why range doesn’t matter.” I think their CEO made a bad decision not to introduce significant MY range upgrades to the Leaf. As an owner, I can tell you; Range is like ‘Size, it matters.’

Of course, if he intended to not really sell BEVs, that’s another matter; he certainly has succeeded and should have the distinct pleasure of knowing everyone has finally caught up and it only took ’em five years.

They have made much more attractive mini-van prototypes and concept sketches over the last couple of decades. Why greenlite this ugly thing?

VW & AUdi are really good in making statemants like somewhere in 2020 bla bla. U will see they wont be there before 2025

VW propaganda machine in full swing. Where’s the announcement stating they’ll no longer engage in compliance car tactics and are selling the e-Golf nationwide?
Where’s the announcement for a 100% increase in range for the e-Golf in the 2017 model?
Where’s the announcement stating they’re fixing the 40x over the legal limit pollution generating toxic cars?

Yep, and VW did announce that they solve the problematic diesel emission with their “clean diesel” and they unfortunately produce them in good number…
He only say they will produce something like the Budd-e, whatever look like might be. A hybrid, full ICE or FCEV? Who know, probably not even themselves.

VW is full of crap

101 KWH battery?!?! Great Scott!

Either VW has got a great deal on batteries from some source or this thing is gonna bomb badly. If you are going to pay a big sum for a big EV, I think most people would opt for Tesla over VW.