Volkswagen Budd-e Concept Review

JAN 29 2016 BY MARK KANE 19

BUDD-e Concept Interior Features To Show Up In Future VW Electrified Products (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

BUDD-e Concept Interior Features To Show Up In Future VW Electrified Products (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

AutoExpress was lucky enough to get an exclusive opportunity to sit behind the wheel of the concept Volkswagen Budd-e.

Calling it a test drive review is a bit of a strecth, but it’s good to hear that this particular concept is indeed driveable.

“Simply wave your hand next to the door and it slides open to reveal one of the most advanced interiors around, with a completely button-free digital dash. By swivelling the rotating seats 180 degrees, both the driver and front passenger can interact directly with those in the rear. The impression is more of a lounge than a car.”

Two electric motors – 235 kW total – provide smooth and quick acceleration, as well as AWD.

“The availability of torque comes as a pleasant surprise, as the car ushers you along at a decent pace. Plus, the AWD adds an unexpected sporty feel.”

The 101 kWh battery pack makes BUDD-e a heavy vehicle, as AutoExpress guesses that the production version battery will weigh more than 600 kg (1323 lbs). The good thing is that battery is positioned low, which helps to limit the negative impact of all that mass.

Aside from the positivity that will always come from using a universally recognisable shape that incorporates some of the genes of the beloved Microbus, VW wants to make a serious point about its future with the Budd-e. The fully connected and interactive people mover could be on the road by 2020. With no exhaust emissions, an extended driving range between charges and a futuristic gesture controlled cockpit it says things are looking up for VW.”

Source: AutoExpress

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I don’t think that thing will ever see the light of day. In other VW news, the fanciful dream vrs. the harsh reality, they continue to falter:

ffbj +1

They just used it to showcase the new MEB. It would make much more sense to put that battery into a Passat and a smaller version into the Golf, than waste it on a very boxy, probably lower volume car. A 80 kWh Passat and a 60 kWh Golf will be better choices and if they feel there is enough demand for an electric micro bus, they will use the Multivan.

I bet local perception of such VW concepts + recent US sales figures must be closely watched at VW headquarters in Germany. I bet what VW has seen must not be that good as really showing strict minimum repentance lately. Probably their approach is something like “look, OK to pay a fine but certainly not much more to what we consider US market is important to us on that level time is working for us”. A dangerous game but could be a winning strategy as it might be US authorities were a bit too quick to provide a max. fine figures ($ 18B was it ??) thinking that it is as easy to grab a good chunk of cash from a foreign bank than it is in case of a foreign industrial group. A bank as no choice but to cough up the fine as $ transactions need to be cleared by a US bank. An industrial group can withdraw and that would make for good boardrooms laughs if it appears US (fine) greediness was beyond what could be justified by respective importance of market, that would send a strong message to the rest of the world no one at… Read more »

Fairly difficult to understand your point, but if VWAG really wants to exit
The U. S. market… what’s the German for “bye, don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out”?

Auf Wiedersehen, und lassen Sie sich nicht die Tür schlagen Sie Ihr Gesäß, wie Sie verlassen.

(So sayith the great and powerful Google machine)

It is of course only speculation from my part but it is nevertheless very interesting to observe those high level games. I only note 2 facts, first is that VW took only about $4B provision for the fine in their books. This is a very clear message. Second is that repentance is not as strong as many expected. This is business, no much emotions involved. So if repentance is on the low side, I deduct that they could have been advised from their US lawyers that showing to much repentance would send the wrong signal to US authorities as far as fine amount is involved, making them more greedy than need be. Again, only speculating.

Not only is the USA suing VW, so is the EU, China, and Korea.
I don’t see how losing 80% of sales worldwide would lead to laughs around the boardroom.
If VW wants to walk away from the US, good luck with justifying this to the stockholders. Oh yeah, the stockholders are suing them too.
The only thing for VW stockholders to do is to call for the immediate resignation of the entire board and fire the whole C level staff.

Guard: (approaching swiftly).
“Me Lord, the peasants are revolting.”
Lord Haw Haw: (after knocking back a pinch of snuff). “Tell me something I don’t know.”

Maybe it’s my disdain and contempt for VW, but the more I see this EV prototype, the more ugly it becomes. 😛

Mercedes had a concept car with driver facing passengers a year ago didn’t they ?

Those white seats she complained about in the video looks similar to the Model X seats.

Funny, that is the same thought I had. Who would buy those ultra-white seats? Yes, they look cool, but…

Agree with PVH and John…

Seeing as the attempt at EV’s for the US is very small, and seeing as friends have had poor experiences with later model VW’s in general, if VW corporate doesn’t feel like paying the fine, I and several others here won’t miss them much.

I don’t agree. I think that VW is merely putting on a brave face, though recently they made all kissy face with the German government, so that could be making them feel a bit better, and like their old selves again.

But, I think they are a bloated legacy behemoth, that is clumsy, arrogant, insulated and criminal, with a corrupt corporate culture wherein an attitude, contemptuous of regulation and authority, has run amok.

What a pig that needs 101kwhr battery.
At most EV’s need 250 mile range with fast charging.
And with 150-200 miles are even better choices as not carrying around unneeded weight.
But as VW is saying it does anyone believe them anymore?

VW has flogged this concept car as something “new” so many times, it must be a running joke at Volkswagen… and perhaps other auto makers.