Volkswagen BUDD-e At The 2016 CES, 600KM* Range Anyone? (Videos)

JAN 7 2016 BY MARK KANE 30

Volkswagen BUDD-e attracted a lot of attention because of its heritage to Microbus and Beetle, all-electric drive and all the connectivity features with human-machine interface.

Live Shot Of The BUDD-e We Took From The Floor Of CES  (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

Live Shot Of The BUDD-e We Took From The Floor Of CES (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

Volkswagen states that BUDD-e is the most social car ever and that implemented features provide a glimpse of the not-so-distant future.

The BUDD-e has 101 kWh of battery powering it, and a stated range of 600km/373 miles on the Euro/NEDC scale – although VW was kind enough to cut out the real world/EPA range as well at the live presentation – 375km/233 miles, which is still more than decent considering the less than aerodynamic proportions of the microbus.

You can check out all BUDD-e specs, details and live photos from the show on our recap here.

Below are videos of the latest Volkswagen BUDD-e concept at the 2016 CES (tons of text and photos here).

The first three videos below are short presentations, while fourth is on-site demonstration by Volkswagen:

Presentation of human-machine interface:

CES 2016: Volkswagen Keynote(46 minutes):

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Sadly, the car is too small. This is not a minibus, this is a compact car in the shape of a minibus which is just stupid. You get the worst of both worlds, it’s not aerodynamic and you don’t get the transport volume. Make it a proper minibus, then you have a seller!

It’s an EV. Size limitations sadly do apply for mass market cars that don’t cost 100k.

If Nissan can produce the e-NV 200 with a 24 kWh pack, VW should be able to produce a workable minibus with a 4 times larger battery pack! (101 kWh)

The new Chrysler Town and Country hybrid has an 80 mile range on electric.

I thought it was a concept car, not a mass market car?
It is fine in those to do whatever at whatever cost if it makes more headlines.

You’re missing a major point.
I and many others are pissed off at VW for spending any money, time or management attention on a concept EV.

They’ve already done too many, including several Minibus concepts. They’re already selling several EVs and PHEVs, but need to advance the basic drivetrain features (mostly, range).

Especially in the wake of Dieselgate, I want to see them announce specific production plans for practical EVs, which the best way to cover the shortfall in Diesel sales and mindshare.

Now having seen all the clips I have to backtrack a little. It’s actually not that small, although it’s not quite big enough. It looked smaller on some pictures.

Anyway, they should just throw out the silly stuff: the gestures, the voice commands, internet of things, the three-monitor dashboard setup and then add some door handles and a large back door and they would have quite a nice vehicle.

I think the bigger issue is how they just wasted their time and trashed the car’s image, VW’s image, and possibly the image of electric cars by the really dumb “buddiness” and “connectivity” of this thing.

Oh, yes. We are truly sorry at Volkswagen. But fret not as by the end of the decade will you see who finished the milk from your fridge while on the go.

Yes, “the internet of things” is just stupid and pointless. The only real use for it is for government agencies to spy even more on you.

Or make rich nerds Swoon.

It really doesn’t help Volkswagen or the future prospect for plug-ins anyway.

Prostitutes, Pimps and Drug Dealers will love this car…

I couldn’t stand listening to that horrible sales patter from the presenter. Who wrote that material? Felt embarrassed for him, especially when the rear hatch and bumper-drawer didn’t open.


Re: the bad presentation by the guy reading the cards.

I shot that video (thank you for the embed,!). That was the very first presentation on the very first day of CES, so he stumbled a bit. Should have been more prepared, I agree. They did get much better throughout the week, AND the rear door finally did work, although the presenters were tentative every time.

Thanks for shooting it James! We missed that bit from the show and were happy to see it online, (=

Wow. Volkwagen is REALLY in trouble, guys. This was the most horrible demo I have ever seen…I like when some guys walk up to the van and peer in…during the presentation…Or when he places his foot on the little projection and the hatch doesn’t open so he just places his bag and water bottle on the floor! Besides the guy reading a script about how your car should talk to your refridgerator, VW has done the “modern microbus” thing SO many times over the years…as a concept that gets airplay but never materializes…It’s a bid threadbare. This one is by far the ugliest, slab-sided mess yet…And robo car for the future has been done before and better. The ad banner pop-up that appeared on the lower screen whilst I was watching the presentation was an ambulance-chaser law firm asking if you were defrauded by VW… Note the sign: “The New Volkswagen”….oh boy…Audi survived their big trainwreck in the late ’70s somehow, absorbing huge losses for selling literal oil-swilling junk that I can remember seeing by the side of the highways when riding with my parents as a kid. Miraculously, Audi survived as part of the VW Group and thrives today… Read more »

+ 01189998819991197253

I like the Samuel reference.


I am quite dissapointed about how many companies alive and well today are rotten to the core and will lie, cheat and kill for power and money. Companies that are found guilty of massive deliberate and calculated fraud, like VW looks to be, should be put out of business and the executives responsible jailed and fined accordingly. I have to admit I’m more happy that the EPA is suing VW for 18 billion than I am about this concept car. If VW came to the CES with an e-golf v2 production intent battery that had a range of 200 miles I would give them some credit and maybe some sympathy.

As is, this concept stinks of a gimmick stricken PR distraction. Sigh.

All these electronic gizmos are solutions in search of a problem.

I don’t want to open doors with voice commands or gestures, I much prefer a simple door handle that I know will work even when the battery is flat. Voice commands and gestures are actually MORE work than just using a handle. This is actually not cool at all, just silly and pointless. In fact, most likely the sensors will fail in many situations so I will have to repeat myself several times before I get what I want – this is not practical at all and will get very annoying very quickly.

+1 Exactly!

And it doesn’t help this thing is ugly as mud.

When you are as rich as these huge auto corporations are, you can afford to have small teams working on this concept stuff for PR and it’s all just absorbed into the budget and write-offs. I’m never impressed by this garbage. Look at that joke Mercedes has been parading around as, “the future’s autonomous dream car” – that nobody wants nor could afford.

I’m like you in that a “wowee door handle” does not thrill me. Nor a “smart umbrella holder”. We’re all kind of tech-crazy these days, perhaps the more the younger, but these scenarios they draw up like, “say you wanted to take 3 friends to the game, but could only get 2 tickets – well…BUDD-E can just access the net and buy that extra ticket…Just use the BUDD-E App on your smartphone!”…

It’s just crap!

Does anyone else out there feel like I do, that the whole renaissance retro car era has passed? Sure, the retro Thunderbird, the PT Cruiser and it’s carbon copy Chevrolet were …cute…I even liked them. VW had their splash with the New Beetle, and it’s so…over…now, in my opinion. As I said, VW has been milking this retro microbus angle for ages ( just Google Image “new microbus”, I’m too lazy to post images ) – but I’m sure you remember several iterations of concept car through the last ten years that never even came close to production. Face it – microbuses were always that annoying vehicle on freeways your dad had to slow down for, causing large traffic backups from their straining up hills. They were truly archaic, underpowered and air-cooled! They had their day in the flower-power age, and even a Hot Wheel car that sold at auction for $100,000! People love nostalgia, but it only goes so far. If this is what VW comes up with to distract people from the glaring boner they pulled in attempting to bamboozle hundreds of thousands of their customers and the governments of entire continents….Wow…It aint gonna hack it, and that’s… Read more »

I think the EV microbus/transporter makes good sense but they need to do it properly so that you can actually transport stuff in it.

Not really. The cars that are “retro” or follow some hint of pedigree are engineered better and are expected to have a model-life far exceeding others. All lets forget about the PT Cruiser. I guess it only gets old to the particular model of that brand. But that doesn’t stop sales. Mini, Fiat 500, Beetle as you’ve mentioned. It even worked for Citroen by just using DS for the DS3, DS4, DS5. But being Avant-garde, it wasn’t an excuse to copy some old notes. In total – reviving an iconic name does give protection against any whack for being a bit odd or left field. This is in my opinion, but what really frustrates me is the lack of attention to the drivetrain. The (BMW) Mini One got the true root of it. Girly, I really like the look of them now. But due to market demands, the later and most recent Minis are just big and dull. The Fiat 500 is a master stroke. But being 10 years old (and not too stale), it does deserve some platform upgrade, given how much it kept Fiat afloat. Perhaps a platform that can hide a Twin-air, or electric motor in the… Read more »
People here might have fun by looking at Inglasias’ Mint (Kinda) 1966 Samba. The vehicle is BIG and holds 8 comfortably. EVERYTHING is manual. The only electronics was a Blaupunkt 6 volt transistorized AM radio. The windows slid instead of rolled down (including the pop out windshields). (I think it had a 50 amp (350 watt) generator, along with a single carb 53 horsepower engine. An upgrade from the 210 watt generator, 50 hp engine in the ’66 beetle. With 21 windows, and a large sunroof, the car has class. Inglasias paid around $100,000 for it. They probably spent a $1 million on this thing, and – besides the 400 kw battery charging system – they seem to be out Tesling-Tesla, or trying to. It looks like a stock brokers’ dashboard with tv screens doing such useful stuff as talking to your refrigerator. Not my refrigerator since there are no electronics in mine. But VW doesn’t get it… Unless they are just trying to be ‘cool’. In other words the $1 million came from the Sales Division. Too Small, Too ugly, Too gadgety, Semi-ok range, but nothing out of the ordinary these days. I’d much rather have a 1966 Samba… Read more »

Was disappointed that this concept is really just that. A concept. I expected something much further developed. Something along the lines of the Chevy Bolt concept from last year. This is just a design statement as to the future direction for future vehicles.

Agree is shows how desperate VW is.

They put minivan-style sliding doors on an SUV with only a single row of seats in back? And tried to paste a “microbus” label on it?


Correction: It’s too small for the SUV label. I guess it should be categorized as a hatchback.

Like putting sliding minivan doors on a Mini Cooper. Definitely FAIL.

Someone already used Falcon Wings on their crossover… 😉

A faux grill isn’t enough, so VW has to make a black, back-lit glass one? Until the regulators finally accept that side view mirrors are no longer needed, you might as well put them on your concept too.

And I agree with everyone about a basic-transport, non-connected vehicle. Take all the gadgets out and cut the price.

When I’m looking onto the proportions of that car concerning the distance between ground and where the windows start and the height of the windows – why do such pictures come into my mind? ->

I already noticed it in my car that the backseat windows are much lower as in much older cars of the same car class. But here it’s getting even worse.


Its seems VW is trying to be “cool”. Mission impossible for a German company I am affraid. IMHO they should take the GM route. Efficient/anti hype production of EV’s for everyone. That’s what “folk car” is about no ?