Volkswagen Atlas 7-Seat SUV Unveiled, Plug-In Hybrid Version Coming

OCT 29 2016 BY MARK KANE 15

Volkswagen unveiled in Santa Monica, California its all-new seven-passenger SUV, the 2018 Atlas, with the slogan – Built In America For The Modern American Family.

Volkswagen Atlas (ICE)

Volkswagen Atlas (ICE)

Atlas is equipped with a conventional drivetrain, but it’s expected (see Green Car Reports’ article) that a plug-in hybrid will join the lineup at some point in the future.

This expectation is due to the fact that Volkswagen has basically promised that all of its future vehicles will have a plug-in offering and because VW has shown numerous Atlas-like concept SUVs in the past, most all of which were plug-ins.  The Atlas actually rides on the MQB architecture, a commonly electrified base already for VW (think e-Golf, GTE, etc).

Atlas will be produced at the Volkswagen Chattanooga assembly plant alongside the Passat and will enter the U.S. market in Spring 2017. We expect the plug-in version to come shortly after launch of the traditional Atlas.

Highlights of the Atlas:

“The Chattanooga-built Atlas arrives with a full slate of available driver assistance and technology features, a massive interior and a choice of two powertrains

  • Largest Volkswagen ever assembled in America
  • Five trim levels, priced for the heart of the competitive SUV market
  • Available interior features include innovative Volkswagen Digital Cockpit instrumentation
  • Two engine options: four-cylinder TSI® turbo or the available powerful VR6®, both with eightspeed automatic transmission
  • Seating for two adults in the third row, with innovative access system
  • Based on the award-winning Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB) architecture
  • Optional 4Motion® all-wheel-drive system on VR6 models or standard front-wheel-drive”
Volkswagen Atlas (ICE)

Volkswagen Atlas (ICE)

Volkswagen Atlas (ICE)

Volkswagen Atlas (ICE)

Volkswagen Atlas (ICE)

Volkswagen Atlas (ICE)

Volkswagen Atlas (ICE)

Volkswagen Atlas (ICE)

Volkswagen Atlas (ICE)

Volkswagen Atlas (ICE)

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Meh. Looks like a fat Toureg…

I was gonna say it kinda looks like a Jeep Grand Cherokee…

Side Profile Honda Pilot

Why no PHEV or BEV at launch? Atlas shrugged. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The worst part is that there is no diesel engine either.

Ugly. Looks like a Jeep and a Mitsubishi had an ugly child.

It’s nice looking I think

I see another sub-titled Hitler parody, when diesel Equinox sales beat the Atlas. 😉

Another Euro point of view

I feel VW a bit knocked out since the diesel gate took place, this is just a big boxy SUV, no inspiration whatsoever I mean . Their ID concept is a little bit too futuristic and a little bit boring, to my taste at least. I feel more drive from MB and BMW. There is probably nowhere in their procedures book a line about how to handle a mega goof up.

Given development cycle times, the decision to build this vehicle predates the diesel scandal by a considerable period of time. It’s clearly part of their old and often touted plan to attempt domination of popular American market segments. Big, bland, and probably had a diesel as the prime engine choice too.

This might be one of the last “old VW” products before the new all electric VW company vision emerges.

Now I’m puzzled. I thought this page was about EVs. Now there is an article on another pure ICE that at somepoint in the future might be electrified. Why not write the article when this actually has happened?

What a monster. Certainly not for Europeans, who will rightly view anyone driving a car like this as a bit of a Neanderthal at best, an enemy of the people at worst.

Did you not read the article?

It is not for Europeans. It is for Americans.

What matters is not size but efficiency and pollution.

IF this were a BEV taking massive marketshare from the Honda Pilot and the Ford Explorer it would be a wonderful thing.

Lets hope the PHEV version gets here before the Outlander PHEV.

It’s VW. Atlas Shrugged.

Works for me. My wife wants a seven passenger hybrid and what else is there? QX60, Pacifica, and that’s it. I think it’s marvelous if they can keep reliability up along with some semblance of German engineering and handling prowess.