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How about using Google Home to create Tesla Voice?

A Tesla Model S owner with some drive and ingenuity created a Tesla API that interacts with his Google Home, as part of his smart home setup, to allow for a voice-controlled Tesla.

Matt Dyson is a lifelong Boy Scout currently working as a student Air Traffic Controller at NATS. However, he became interested in web design at a young age, and has taken classes in software engineering.


What a joy it will be to Summon or park your Tesla Model 3 without getting out of bed. With self-driving cars on the way, the possibilities are exciting.

Dyson says he’s continually adding devices to his smart home, including his Tesla. Once he added a Google Home, he had to connect the two. He writes:

“Who wouldn’t want to be able to talk to their car?! Sadly nothing was immediately available (although I hope an official offering will come in future), so TeslaVoice was born!”

According to Dyson (and you can see for yourself in the video) , you can “query a number of parameters through the Tesla API including”:

Charge level
Charge port status
Charge limit
Door status (locked/unlocked)
Lights (flash)
Horn (honk)

Those in italics can be modified by voice as well!

Google Home handles the voice recognition that is then sent to API.AI for interpreting. He made a GitHub project page explaining how to setup something like this yourself. Others have done similar projects with an Amazon Echo, and there are likely more out there.

We can only assume that this type of setup will be “normal” in the future. Dyson is just ahead of the curve, and didn’t want to wait for something to surface.

Source: Matt Dyson via Teslarati

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So cool.

I have the Echo. I’d be game for such a system for my Volt and any future EVs or PHEVs in my garage.

“Alexa, open garage door and pull out the Tesla”. Or, “Put the car inside”…So handy.

My smart home setup (power outlets and switches, thermostat, door-lock) syncs with my Amazon entertainment and shopping accounts, all voice controlled through three Echo Dots in the house. It’s something I didn’t imagine likely even two years ago, but it’s been easy and affordable.

Any vehicle function we can remotely control with our smartphones could be accomplished using a voice controlled AI like Siri, Alexa, Cortana or OK Google. Seeing a project like this is a great sign that it’s on the way.