Voice Control Of Tesla Model S Through Apple Watch – Video


For the first time ever, a car is controlled through Apple Watch via voice commands issued to Siri. The car is the Tesla Model S and the app, developed by Rego Apps, even allows for a voice command to start the car.

One words comes to mind here…WOW!

Siri Starts Car

Siri Starts Car

For the first time, a car has successfully been controlled using voice commands through an Apple Watch. Last month I brought you the video of me controlling my Tesla using my Apple Watch app called Remote S. A few days ago, while adding more features and upgrades to the app, I thought up of a way to use Siri to help issue commands to my Tesla. Now I’m just waiting for Tesla to implement the “summon car” feature, so I can code the app that allows you to speak into your Apple Watch to make your Tesla drive up to you.

As you can see, I’m not using some jailbroken device to achieve this. I’m out at the JFK airport parking lot, so it’s not using some hacked wifi router either.

I realize now that it sounds weird to say “Start Car” instead of “Start the car”. I’ll change it to that phrase when I publish the app. I’m currently training my app so that it can understand multiple phrases. So you can say, “KITT, start the car” or “Start my Tesla” or “Horn the horn at those morons”, and the app will still understand what you want it to do.

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How Soon?:

Hey Siri…drive me to work…


Wouldn’t it just be faster/easier to push the button? I’m not a fan of voice to text, but maybe it’s just my voice, lol.


I think the whole purpose of the article is to show the possibilities. If you have an iPhone with the app on it, I’m sure you’ll use that to control your car from a restaurant or maybe from your home to turn either the heat or A/C on your car to prep it. All of this technology is so damn exciting it blows the mind. Can’t wait to get my hands on that mystical Model 3.

Counter-Strike Cat

Useless Hipsta crap.


Machine Input evolution:

Counter-Strike Cat said:
“Useless Hipsta crap.”


Peg Wires to Peg Holes, Keyboard Punch Card, Keyboard ASCII, Voice Command, Thought Command…

Think “Car take me Home”…car takes you home.

yup…just Hipsta crap…


With my luck using Siri, I’m thinking the car would run over me instead of what I really wanted.


On this week’s episode of, “That Damn Siri!” 😉

David Stone

Steal his watch, steal his car…