VL Automotive Wheels Out Re-Badged 639 HP Fisker Karma at 2014 Detroit Auto Show


VL Automotive made in appearance at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show to display its re-badged Fisker Karma that’s been stripped of the plug-in hardware.

Destino Live in Detroit

Destino Live in Detroit

The 639 horsepower Destino features General Motors’ ZR1 engine, which we’re certain jugs down fuel at quite a high rate.

In the minds of the folks at VL Automotive, the Fisker Karma’s design elements are near perfect, but the powertrain that motivated the Karma was far too complex.

So the decision was made to replace the plug-in hybrid gear with a V8 monster of an engine.

You’d think that the Destino would then be far cheaper than the Karma, right?  Wrong.

VL Automotive is taking orders for Destino right now.  The cost?  How’s ~$200,000 sound?

Destino Live in Detroit

Destino Live in Detroit

Destino Stand Live in Detroit

Destino Stand Live in Detroit


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What is that 2 door red vehicle? It appears to have a Destino badge on the rear and Karma like wheels.

That is their 2 door convertible model.

Thanks! It’s name is the Destino ‘Red’ Concept

Fisker failed in the market. At least something is being done with that great looking body style. As for MPG, the ZR1 was rated at 21 MPG. So, while it doesn’t advance fuel efficiency, it’s not quite the friend of OPEC effort the Italians and Germans have fielded their ICE supercars.

The $200,000 price tag is probably more representative of such a low run vehicle. That being said, although the car has its roots as a Fisker Karma, why is it here?

I think I said it before, but I despise the Destino’s looks. It’s the rims and front grill, awful! I don’t see the Karma, I see something, boring! I see something that would convince me of a Chinese rip off, something of a posh and polished up Coda or Bora. It looks toyish. Removing the striking looks does remove the only justifiable reason why people bought the Karma, what’s this going to do at a higher price of $200,000? Nothing, there’s none being built.

I have to agree with you.

A lot of people didn’t like the front end of the Karma, saying it looked like a moustache, but I think it gave the car some character. I felt it was more of a shit-eating grin.

This front end is just boring. I like how you put it, as it really does have a cheap knockoff feel.

Bad Karma all around… 😉

Hi there,

Wrong way!!
What a car if 100% electric like Tesla!!!!
Easy on the Karma!! Take out the engine and add some batteries!!!
And not the otherwise!!

Good road with Tesla.

so, any chance of getting some of the old drivetrain parts??