We Visit Tesla’s New Urban Supercharger – Images + Video


Tesla Urban Supercharger In Chicago – Image Credit: InsideEVs / Mike Anthony

Tesla’s new Urban Superchargers work as advertised.

We set out to test the new Urban Superchargers in the Chicago area and were impressed by the design and power output.

Tesla recently announced that it’s rounding out its Supercharging network with the addition of new, sleeker stations designed for urban centers.

The more compact stations will be used mainly in densely populated areas. The first functional stations are already set-up in Chicago (10 units – see images) and Boston (8 units).

Tesla Urban Supercharger In Chicago – Image Credit: InsideEVs / Mike Anthony

Charge splitting doesn’t come into play with the Urban Superchargers. Each unit puts out 72 kW to a plugged-in Tesla at all times. Per Tesla:

To increase efficiency and support a high volume of cars, these Superchargers have a new architecture that delivers a rapid 72 kilowatts of dedicated power to each car.” 

Charging times should be under 50 minutes for most Tesla owners.

Tesla Urban Supercharger In Chicago – Image Credit: InsideEVs / Mike Anthony

Tesla Urban Supercharger In Chicago – Image Credit: InsideEVs / Mike Anthony

Tesla Urban Supercharger In Chicago – Image Credit: InsideEVs / Mike Anthony

Tesla Urban Supercharger In Chicago – Image Credit: InsideEVs / Mike Anthony

Video description:

“Tesla put up new “urban” style Superchargers in a few locations. First ones up are in Chicago & Boston. Because I live only 40 miles away from these new Superchargers in Chicago, I drove out there to check them out!”

“Tesla states these new ones hold a continuous 72 kW even while all of them are in use. This is very true! Plugged in at 1:45, left at 2:35. From 47 miles of range remaining, to 201.”

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This style of Supercharger would work great in a suburban setting at a shopping center also. No matter where they put them though, more is better.


Perhaps, but as a person in a city, I can say we need them more. More suburbanites live in single family homes. People in large cities tend to live in condos, townhomes or apartments.

And I’ve been saying for years Tesla should do this… very happy to see it. I was willing to move to a new apartment with EVSE stations. But not everyone would be willing to make such a change to drive electric lol.

As Tesla grows, I think they will expand to include all plug types, and this will become a money maker for them.


There is so much money to be made by making agreements with other automakers to access the Supercharger network. Just a capital injection that the company would gladly take. Just a matter of time IMO.


True although more than likely in the short term, I think they will be partnering with energy companies. An EVGO-Tesla partnership I could see for instance. But luxury automakers might partner with Tesla directly soon.

However, I’d like to propose more outlandish and retro partnerships…

SONIC drive-ins! Plug in, place your order, and wait for your food to come! Apparantly there is a test store here in texas but the stations are only L2 I think. A 50-72kW charger would be far more useful.

Or maybe we can finally see the comeback of drive in movie theaters! A new one just opened in the Dallas area… this would be an awesome place to charge lol!


If recharging is a salable feature why would any other maker put the deliverance of that feature into their competitors’ hands? It would also include putting money into their competitors pockets.

It’s unclear to me any maker would ever want to hand this over to Tesla.


Making agreements with other auto manufacturers would create a greater congestion problem. Tesla owners would be upset finding the stalls occupied by non-Tesla cars.


Agreed, more is better but these type of setups look to me to encourage even more stall squatting than what already occurs with parking lot superchargers or public chargers.


The big push should be for home, apts, rentals to have/make available charging sites for EVs, esp. at night.
These outside urban chargers should be slower during the daytime, but outside of the heavy demand time, let them rip.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

These would do great at outlet type malls and shopping malls in general, movie theaters…..etc


Movie theaters will have people being gone for 2+ hours. By your comment below about taking away electrons after 30 minutes, I see that you’re trying to help the grid. 🙂

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


You’re right, 72KW in an hour is more than enough. I think AC L2 was in my head when writing this…..lol


72 kW charge rates are pretty impressive considering the competitions current charge rates. Amazing that this is a second tier charging system for Tesla. These guys really know their business!

The Voice Of Reason

But, but, but, on Twitter, didn’t Elon mock the fast chargers being deployed by other automakers with a “mere 350 kW” as nothing more than a “children’s toy”?

So how does Elon describe Tesla’s paltry 72 kW Urban Superchargers? Are they an infant’s toy?



(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“So how does Elon describe Tesla’s paltry 72 kW Urban Superchargers? Are they an infant’s toy?”

No dumbass, a “Pacifier”!

The Voice Of Reason

LOL, you silly goose! If Elon indeed considers the 72 kW Urban Superchargers to be pacifiers, then Tesla should change the style of the charger pedestal to incorporate life-sized replicas of Elon’s teats for Tesla Cult Members to suckle while charging. ?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


That’s a nasty visual bruh….

The Voice Of Reason

Meh, it could be worse. It’s a good thing that it’s too impractical and space consuming to design the pedestals to simulate returning to Elon’s womb for Tesla Cult Members waiting to charge. Now that’s a truly nasty visual!


More like the voice of idiocy


No, he didn’t mock others efforts, he was obviously hinting that 350kW as an insufficient descriptor of the power of TESLA’s upcoming top line charger. He made absolutely no reference to anyone else’s chargers.

The Voice Of Reason

I respectfully disagree. I think he did mock their efforts. He certainly did not commend their efforts.


Ya, I wondered the same thing when I first saw this.

But then you realize that Elon is widely known for lying a lot, especially on Twitter, so you just discard what he said as utter nonsense and the world will be a more normal place.

I mean how many solar roofs have they installed so far? Haha.

Anyways, I think these Urban SCs make a lot of sense. They’re clearly for situations where you drive to somewhere and let your car charge for a little while. They’re purpose isn’t to get as much juice as fast as possible so I think they make a lot of sense as-is. Nothing wrong with spending less $ on them while giving customers what they want if you ask me.

The Voice Of Reason

Like the Model 3 product launch and rollout, Tesla has installed their solar roofs only on the houses of VIP Tesla employees Elon Musk and JT Straubel AFAIK. They are the employee testers of Tesla’s pre-production solar roof shingles.

It been reported that Tesla didn’t even have a working prototype solar shingle roof at the time of the reveal. The ones on the roofs of the houses on the Hollywood backlot at the reveal were nonfunctional. Who knows for sure whether the Tesla solar roofs installed on Elon and JT’s houses are functioning properly (if at all), and how much electricity (if any) they are generating.


Musk is a consummate crap-talker. Don’t take what he says too seriously.


Convenient and reliable Tesla Supercharger Network, Tesla Destination Chargers, and now adding to that Tesla Urban Superchargers.

It continues to amaze me that no other car maker (or consortium of car makers) have a plan to aggressively respond to this huge competitive advantage Tesla has created for itself.

Tesla continues to widen the Tesla Moat.

On the line

Looks like the black Tesla in the first picture needs parking lessons. Or they think you park on the line.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

It’s not mentioned but the same rules ~should~ apply at regular SC’s where you get charged for camping after your time/charged to full has finished/completed.

That’s a huge problem that I notice and pisses me off.

After 30mins of camping, the charger should start removing electrons from the car.


I think the first thing autonomous Teslas should be able to do is drive out of a charging stall to a non-charging parking spot when charging is complete. (yes… it has to unplug. Snake cable, or better yet… Roomba style dock)

Second thing should be to pull ICE cars out of charging stalls 😉

Four Electrics

What’s the security story? An urban supercharger is a great opportunity for muggers. Perhaps key fob access to a securely enclosed space?

David Murray

Why would a supercharger be a better place for muggers than anywhere else in that parking garage? And if you put some kind of keyfob access, that means people would not be able to use the stations without first obtaining a keyfob. That would really stink if you drove there needing a charge and found you couldn’t get it. I don’t see the point of that.


The only difference I could see is that the people who use those are more likely to be wealthy and thus more attractive targets.


Most CCS / Chademo are in urban settings, yet I haven’t heard of rash of muggings. The worst problem I see is vandalism, either by copper thieves or anti-EV, pro-oil (pro-ISIS) terrorist.

william edwards

Neat, but after watching Fully Charged I think what the world needs is a charger like this one that can be mounted to the roof of a parking garage, swing out to cover multiple parking spots…Needs to be “super” sized, but it a design that rocks!`


To me the chosen site is a fail. They’ll definitely be used by the lucky owners living in that immediate Illinois Center area but it isn’t practical for people living in any other neighborhood. It’s not convenient off a highway; it’s too isolated to walk from chargers to anything and return in 30 minutes; a parking fee when fueling up is ridiculous; and it’s set in a part of town locals rarely visit. There was already a chargepoint L2 location here- that should have been the first red flag!
Hoping they figure this out and put the next one in a better location. There are many neighborhoods with similar housing density that also have local attractions, free surface parking lots, and convenient in/out routing. Or maybe just off a main expressway on the edge of the city if convenience is priority.


They better install some barrier poles to protect the chargers if they want them to be operational for more than a couple months.

As far as fast chargers go; I hope to never use one until they can deliver 200 miles of range in 15 minutes.

Bill Howland

Since this was an install in an existing lot, all the piping was exposed, and, while I’m grateful to see the first video of the new ‘stylish’ supercharger bays (at a distance in this video since curiously he’s more interested in the dispenser rather than the charger itself (still apparently 2 dispensers per charger – although, in this case ‘limited all the time’ means ‘full power’ all the time, if you deem that 200 amperes is full power).

So, you’d think he’s trace out the piping with his camera, and at least figure out which supercharger bay is running 2 dispensers (or his car anyway), but I guess I’m just the inquisitive sort.

Seeing this is a big city parking garage, I wonder how soon it will be before someone rams the Supercharger Bay with their car/truck.


I loved what GM stated about their company building public charges like Tesla did with their superchargers. GM said that is the government or private sector problem. So GM is just building compliance cars. This is a repeat of the 1970’s except this time instead of the Japanese fuel efficient vehicle it will be the EV’s! Tesla so smart to build the charging system at the same time as the car. The electric infrastructure is already in place as all you need is a plug!