UPDATE – Electric Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury Leaked


… and it looks like a sedan and an SUV had an affair.

***UPDATE – April 23 Even though fully revealing images have emerged, Mercedes-Maybach is continuing the teaser campaign for its Beijing-bound concept. A new video, and possibly the last one, was published by the company’s head of design, Gorden Wagener, on Instagram:

Mercedes’ teaser campaign for its new Maybach-branded concept is in full swing ahead of the official premiere on April 25, but someone was anxious to share images on the World Wide Web. As seen on CarNewsChina, these are official shots of the new Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury, an SUV some would rather describe as being a sedan with a tall roof and a generous ground clearance provided by the jacked-up suspension.

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As expected, the “bold new grille” rumors have mentioned is in fact the same design with vertical slats seen on the facelifted Mercedes-Maybach S-Class and the extra-long Pullman version. The retro-flavored split window arrangement at the back is interesting… though we have to admit that it looked way better on a previous Vision concept, the stunning Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 unveiled almost two years ago.

Autocar is reporting the new concept is entirely electric, with power coming from four electric motors delivering a massive total output of 738 hp. It uses a large 80-kWh battery pack installed underneath the floor with enough juice for 310 miles (500 kilometers) in the outgoing New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), so significantly less in real life.

While the concept is believed to preview a Maybach version of the next-gen GLS, Mercedes’ biggest SUV has been spotted on the streets with a significantly different body. It remains to be seen whether the fancier version will indeed have a different shape than the 2019 GLS or it will stick to the S-Class’ recipe of an elongated wheelbase, a shiny grille, and other minor tweaks.

Meanwhile, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury will premiere on Wednesday on the dawn of the Beijing Motor Show. At the same event, we will also get to see the A-Class Sedan, most likely in the long-wheelbase specification exclusively catering the Chinese market.

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Source: CarNewsChina via Autocar

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Oh dear!

Oh my!

80kWh in a thing this big and heavy! Not impressed. Good external design though.

This is nothing new. Rolls Royce is already selling their sedans which are tall with more than 60 ” / 1.5 m in height. This concept just joins that model.

People want 5 door vehicles because the roofline extends to the rear, so the sunlight does not beam on the rear passengers head. Those vehicles are also more safer and functional.

In short, this concept is of no use.


Here’s a concept: why not just buy a MS P100D skateboard and do a custom body and ultra-lux interior?

BTW, almost stopped reading the article when I saw these 2 words: “concept”, “NEDC”, from laughing too hard.

New Hyundai?????

I have trouble believing that Mercedes would actually build something this ugly. But maybe that’s just hope talking. It would be surprising though, considering how beautiful the Vision 6 concept was; clearly they know how to make nice looking cars. Still maybe they want to compete with the Bentayga on ugliness…

The recently departed Maybach was not much of a looker…

I was about to say the same, only I’d go quite a bit farther. This one looks vulgar to me, but not nearly as much as other Maybachs I’ve seen. It’s a car for Saudi princes, Romanian mobsters… and POTUS.

I’m definitely with you there.

My what a big…. grill you have!
I guess if your target market is old people with old fashioned ideas you have to package your new technology in a language they understand, but by god it’s ugly!

It is. But it’s the people who buy them, not Daimler, who should get the heat. Maybach has long been a way of selling perfectly normal Mercs in perfectly abnormal packaging, for several times the price, in bling-bling-oriented markets like Saudi Arabia. Just like diamond-crusted cellphones are a vulgar and idiotic way to show off how you were born into way more money than you can sensibly handle, *selling* such products can be a very good way to make a ton of money.

I’m sure the interior will be super, with the best materials and quality, but the exterior…
Where to begin..
1. Redesign the grill (1/2 the size?)
2. Make the glass roof an option.
3. I’m not fond of a too sloping roof line, and a low rounded back. Some of the old jags had a similar design.
4. Why the huge air intake in the front. Enough too cool a V12 in Dubai..


Maybach, the height of vulgarity. For the man with much money and zero class. It could have been called a Trumpmobile, and it would go well with his Trump Tower apartment with golden faucets and the like…

What a piece of crap.
Humongous front compartment on a BEV? What’s in there?
Split rear window? Safety hazard visibility-wise. There’s a reason that type of design hasn’t been used since the 1930s.
Any car that needs an explicit tag (the side chrome accents) saying “Ultimate Luxury” isn’t luxury by definition, it’s just a screaming conspicuous-consumption money sinkhole. Might as well say “bling” and be made of solid gold.