VIN # 2136 Tesla Model 3 Registered With NHTSA

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 at Atascadero, CA Supercharging station (via Mark F!)

Tesla recently registered another ~1,000 Model 3 Vehicle Identification Numbers with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Tesla has suddenly built another 1,000 Model 3s, but it gives us more of an idea of the automaker’s intentions and forthcoming progress.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 interior roof

Fortunately, we should have some indication soon of where Tesla stands as the month ends.

The company was previously expected to begin Model 3 customer deliveries prior to the end of October (although Elon Musk seems more and more skeptical of this happening of late).  Tesla will discuss Q3 financials on November 1st, and we expect to get some future guidance on Model 3 production at that time.

When we reported that Tesla had only produced 260 Model 3s, and sold 220 of them through September, the automaker had registered VINs through #1134 with the NHTSA. At about the same time, people had reported seeing VINs that exceeded #300 on the road. So, it’s hard to know for sure exactly what’s happening with the sequences. Nonetheless, the NHTSA now has registrations through VIN #2136.

Needless to say, the more VINs you have up to, the more cars you could have, or at least “will” have at some point. Again, the raw number is not indicative of production or sales, in September Electrek reported VINs north of 300 were spotted, when we know that volume had not been produced.

To date we have seen reports as high as 516 (in Palo Alto via Reddit), which comes as no surprise since it’s been three weeks or so since then, but it’s still surprising to see over 2,000 vehicles registered. This is especially true if Tesla has only produced some 500 Model 3s thus far.

Let’s hope that the boost of 1,000 registrations in a week is an indication of a newly dialed up production speed. Let’s also hope that every one of those numbers actually stands for a soon-to-be Model 3.

Source: Electrek, NHTSA

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This batch of VIN’s looks more like a Farmers tally of Seeds, or Acres – Planted, but until they are registered in buyers names, we won’t see how good the Crops HARVEST was!

Or, it seems like they (At least) have everything on Dock, that they need to build another 1,000, now they need to “Get it Done!”

It might be a small, but ‘Forward Looking’ aspect of the Auto Mfg process. Does anyone Really Know the Criteria for these Mention Registrations to be recorded? Is there a requirement for the car to have an Assigned Vin, BEFORE it is started to be Built?

It would seem to me that, before building, you need to know what vehicle, options, parts, & colors, are going to go into it, and that is tied to the VIN!

It has been said, by those who know more than I about the subject, that Tesla assigns VIN numbers to a production order when that order is put into the production queue. But at what stage is a VIN registered with the NHTSA? I dunno.

Serial anti tesla troll thomas

The numbers needed until end of year?

“…the automaker had registered VINs through #1134 with the NHTSA…”

There has been some discussion, I don’t remember where I saw it, suggesting the number “1134” seems to be an in-joke on Tesla’s part. On pocket calculator held upside down, “1134” spells “hEll”, apparently a reference to what Elon recently called “production hell”.

There was also some discussion of the number “2136”, and suggestions that may also be an inside joke. But if so, then it’s a pretty obscure one.

At any rate, the point here is that it may be a mistake to take an isolated VIN number and assume Tesla has put that many Model 3’s into or through production. VIN #1134, if it represents an actual car, was likely produced out of sequence, and it’s possible that VIN #2136 is, too.

I think they registered numbers through 2136, so not only 1134 and 2136, in addition to what they actually used for their cars.

One thing I can add is that you usually get your Vin once you confirm your Model S and therefore probably also X any 3. So maybe this is the number of people, asked to configure their cars?

Right. A VIN is assigned when the purchase order for the car is confirmed, and the order is put into the production queue. So that includes some cars which have not actually entered production yet.

I wonder how much the VIN numbers represent cars mostly built and just waiting on the half-dozen or so issues reported by electrek? Or how many are just employees allowed to finalize their reservations, and have had VIN’s assigned?

Impossible to know what this means in terms of actual 100% completed cars.