Vienna Gets Fleet Of 20 Tesla Model S Taxis – Video


“Still aspiring to own a Tesla Model S, wait is over as Austria has rolled out a full fleet of 20 such cab examples in its capital city Vienna. The fare is same to that of an ordinary taxi.
To detail, Okotaxi, a company providing cab service took up this outstanding job by replacing the Toyota Hybrid with it for a greener thought.
As also ahoyed to add more 3 models by autumn, cab service owner says, he barely spend 7.4 euro to fill-up the car and it returns economy of 400 kilometers without a heck.
Hence, as per to us EVs shall better be planted in the cab-service rather than doing as a personal possession.

Looks as if it were a nicely loaded with features as well!

Looks as if it’s nicely loaded with features as well!

States the video transcript.

Yet one more city has made the switch to all-electric vehicles for taxi use.

Vienna, Austria acquired 20 Tesla Model S Sedans.

Its clear that cites/municipalities around the globe are seeing the added bonuses and benefits you get with an all-electric vehicle.

Bonuses and benefits include the incentives/ grants available in most places, very low operating costs, no pollution from the non-existent tailpipe and so on.

Let us know your thoughts on how you think the Tesla Model S will perform in the grueling taxi environment.

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7,4€ at 18 cent kwh price (or even more) ca 40 kwh, enough for 400 km? Hmm more like 15€ for that distance.

The problem is the initial investment, you can get very cheap deal for e-class, you can almost get 2 for the price of model s85 with leather and few extras like dual charger

I am sure they are getting a discount on retail electricity rates with consistent bulk purchase.

And you definitely want Textile seats,not leather, in a Tax cab.

And you don’t need nor want fancy shmancy extras on a taxi cab.

Hell of a lot nicer than a Prius “green” taxi

Heavy duty vinyl is what you want, nothing absorbent. Think about it. Ever been in the back of a squad? The seats are merely hard plastic, very little to clean.


Textile seats are just a giant sponge.

Most taxi drivers have horrible lead feet… I wonder if I’d really enjoy a ride in one of these Model S taxis or not.

When AWD Tesla Model 3 arrives, it really does not make sense to buy any other car than Tesla 3 for taxi cab purposes.

In NYC many taxis are run 24/7. The extra downtime charging vs. gassing up would have to be made up by cheaper running costs. Plus, real estate in Manhattan is probably too expensive to put in enough DC quick chargers to service the entire taxi fleet. Driving across the bridge to the taxi garages in Queens to quick charge would take too much time, especially with traffic.

Drivers will have their lunch breaks and that is plenty enough time for charging breaks. Also with electric cars it may not be the case that it is economical to keep taxis running 24/7. One need to factor in the fuel cost savings and calculate what kind of model gives best return for invested capital.

And also “many taxis” is actually not that quite significant number.

Model 3 is too small for a taxi.

Taxi driver is getting a lot nicer these days. On this market alone Tesla can make a lot of sales and promote the knowledge of what it means to drive in a Model S to millions of potential customers in the same time. That is a win win situation for Tesla and of course for the environment as well.

The expensive, fast-wearing 21” wheels and carbon spoilers on a taxi? Strange decision, money can’t have been much of an object.

P85? Hell Yeah!
Need to visit Vienna for a Electro-Rollercoster-Wiener-Schnitzel

Tesla would be suited for livery service in NYC, if it were larger. Alas it is smaller than the discontinied towncar. Perhaps a stretched version in the future?