Video From Tesla Model S Test Drive Event In Iowa


Tesla Owners In Iowa

Tesla Owners In Iowa

Tesla test drives have been banned in the state of Iowa… But a few Model S owners had something special in store for Iowa Residents.

Model S owners (mainly from Minnesota & a few from Iowa who ordered their Teslas online) joined together last month to offer Iowa Residents free test drives and rides in their very own Model S’ (read our original report here).

I was given a last-minute notification regarding this event, & like Nike’s old slogan “Just Do It“, I ventured out to Des Moines, Iowa to cover the event first hand.

The video above covers literally everything that was available at the event: checking out the Model S’ & other cars that showed up, talking to owners of the vehicles & can you believe the crowd that was on hand!

Here I present multiple video clips, some less important than the others, as well as many pictures towards the end of the 29-minute video.

I do apologize in advance for my rambling… I was hoping to be more thorough than a 5-minute news segment to please those who were seeking full coverage of this unique event.

Additional media coverage of the event can be found at Road & Track, KCCI, WHOtv, GAS2, Clean Technica, & Business Insider.  So, yes, it was a big event that drew ample attention from the media.

Iowa Tesla test Drive Event

Iowa Tesla test Drive Event

Aside from all that, there ‘s one other reason why I ventured out to Des Moines… (Click here to find out why)

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It’s nice to see this event. As government suppresses the people more, they find their grip slipping as the people revolt…. Especially when government is supporting a losing cause… More power to Tesla!

Jouni Valkonen

this cannot be coincidence. Youtube put American Volkswagen Car Dealer’s commercial add before this video! Car Dealer lobby for sure is pushing hard for the cause.


Hopefully we see more ‘events’ like this moving forward.



Des Plaines, IL: pronounce both ‘s’.
Des Moines, IA: do not pronounce either ‘s’.


Thanks for some great citizen journalism!


Really great to see so many from the EV community, get together to help promote mainstream adoption of the technology.

Awesome seeing so many people and the media, interested in this event. Hope to see more of these springing up, all over the country!!!


They should have had a big sign that read “Test drive what dealers and your local government don’t want you to, here today.”