Videos From World Record EV Gathering In Montreal

APR 26 2014 BY MARK KANE 7

The Montreal Event Beat The Old Record By More Than 100 EVs

The Montreal Event Beat The Old Record By More Than 100 EVs

Recently, 431 plug-in vehicles gathered in Montreal, Quebec, which should soon generate into an official world record.

There isn’t any new news, but we have found some videos from the event.  The first is on preparation, the second one (described below) is from the gathering, and the last one is from the silent parade.

Rassemblement de 431 véhicules électriques sur l’Ile Ste-Hélène de Montréal, QC. Record du monde.Vendredi 18 avril 2014. Chevy Volt. Nissan Leaf. Tesla.

Musique: Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant (1982)

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Never quite realized how much noise pollution comes out of the Leaf(s) – including my own – the parade video really brings makes an audible statement as all of the Tesla’s, iMievs, and Focus Electrics just hear the sound of tires rolling on pavement, but the Leafs make a whole lot of noise in comparison.

I understand the supposed pedestrian benefit, but if you are going more than 5 MPH there is sufficient road noise. Less than 5 MPH – if a vehicle made contact with a pedestrian it would just be a “bump” at best – so why must we bother with the Pedestrian Alert?

Wow, the sound the LEAF makes outside the car is pretty awful in that last video. Glad my Volt doesn’t do that!

the leaf with the fire extingisher is comical

I think this sound is useless.
Pedestrian get caught by truck, motorcycle, bus, train and a lot of thing that produce much louder noise.
Noise is not a safety feature, awarness is!
Both from the driver, and the pedestrian.
Stupid stuff.
Is there a way to shut it off?

In the last video, I

… I was hoping to see the Fisker Karma. By far, that car has the best pedestrian alert noise. It’s just unworldly.

Smart ED’s looks awesome with the LED’s