Videos From Tesla Supercharger Construction at East Town Mall in Madison and in Mauston, Wisconsin (Corrected)

NOV 27 2013 BY MARK KANE 22

Tesla's Current Supercharger Map, without

Tesla’s Supercharger Map, so far without Wisconsin

On the KmanAuto YouTube channel, we found some interesting videos on Tesla Superchargers construction in Wisconsin.

This will be the first Tesla stations in Wisconsin and it’ll be localized at East Town Mall in Madison and in Mauston.

On the first video we see preparations in Madison and on the second one the almost-finished installation of three 120 kW Superchargers / 6 bays with space for one additional in the future in Mauston.

Second video description:

“Wisconsin’s first supercharger. Not publicized yet. Located in Maustin, Wi. Not yet powered. Construction is complete minus cosmetics and to have the switch flipped and power turned on. I will update.

I stopped here as a Tesla owner heard on the grape vine that one “may” go in here. It is actually fairly hidden and HARD TO SEE. Only saw it because we were stopping at the St. Vincent De Paul thrift store to drop off some donations as long as we were their (and picked up a brand new pair of bowling shoes for $3 hehe), and the Supercharger was in the back parking lot of the Culivers Restaurant. As I keep saying, BAD LOCATION! SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE DELLS 20 MILES SOUTH OF THIS LOCATION! WOULD GET 500% or more MORE USAGE!.

I will update when complete. If you have not yet, and you are a WIsconsin Tesla Owner, or Will be, please join our Milwaukee Chapter (As I run for all of Wisconsin). We will be having some big Supercharger parties on Grand Openings! I will update when open!”

According to KmanAuto, Mauston is bad location for this Supercharger.  If you live in Wisconsin or happen to know of this exact location, then tell us what you think.

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Anthony Fiti

Tesla announced today on Twitter (and updated their map, finally!) that the Texas Triangle superchargers are completed. So add two more to the list.

That said, hopefully there will be a flood of them opening between Thanksgiving and Christmas to meet their end-of-fall 2013 targets.


Why do the red dots move when you slide from Fall to Winter?


I noticed that too. My guess is that the big jumps are because some of the sites are different from what they anticipated (gray dots). The whole set moves a pixel or 2 just because it’s not supposed to be super precise map. I really think the whole gray dot business is as much to cover their ass and obfuscate things as it is to reveal their plans and leave their ass open. It’s really hard to follow with your eye without a lot of effort.


The one in Waco TX moves quite a bit, and in the wrong direction. It is correct in the present map, Fall, and incorrect in the Winter map.


Meant to say, it’s correct in the “Today” map, and wrong in the “Fall” map.


Current count is 38, which doesn’t include any in Wisconsin.
Guess they’ll break past 40 before the end of the year.



If you count the addresses, not the red dots, it’s 38.
In my book if you have Stations on both sides of a highway that’s two Stations.


Josh Bryant

The addresses are updated again, there are 39 addresses or 37 if you count the northbound/southbound as one location.


In Tesla’s book if you have stalls on both sides of a highway that’s one Supercharger Station. Tesla’s official count is listed at the top of their Supercharger web page. If Tesla doesn’t count them as seperate Supercharger Stations why do you insist on doing so?


I like this map.. not sure who made it.


Nice find!

Josh Bryant

Wow, that map has really been updated since last week. You can see Musk’s proposed cross country trip forming with the SuperCharger locations.

When did MI get a SuperCharger? I think you dropped the ball on us kdawg.


Unfortunately the text of this article misses the mark… There are two of them! The first WI Supercharger is in Mauston, WI (second video) and is very near opening. The second one is at East Towne Mall in Madison, WI (first video) and is still under construction. Interestingly, the Madison location is not on Tesla’s “official” map at all. Area EV enthusiasts (myself included) have known about the Madison one for a while, thanks to public planning documents for it being available online. The Mauston one is a surprise, and I’m impressed that it was undiscovered for as long as it was.

Totally agree the Mauston one should have been in the Wisconsin Dells, though maybe the closer proximity to the future station near Eau Claire was a priority to Tesla. It will just make for a 40-mile wasted charging drive for many visitors to the Dells (a large percentage of which are from Chicagoland), though I’m sure this is not the only place in the country with that kind of problem.

Mark Kane


Bill Howland

This is the first time I’ve seen a rating on the supercharger itself (210 amps at 410 volts or a theoretical 86,100 watts).

Input is at either low or high voltage, 208 @ 280 amps = 101 kw (assuming 100% pf, which is not listed), or 280 amps / sqrt 3 for 277 volt operation or 162 amps @ 480 = 133 kw.

So I assume that it is made up of 4 sets of 3 chargers ======> 12 so called 10 kw chargers except here they are sometimes working on 277 so the rating is higher… I wonder if the range outlet , if you put 277 on it, would actually charge at 11.1 kw if this is the so called rating of these things and they are really the identical units used in the cars? Anyone know for sure?

Josh Bryant

I am not an EE, so I might be misunderstanding you question/comments a little bit…But I do remember the SuperChargers being described as just a stack of the onboard Model S chargers. That is how they are keeping the cost down.

It was originally 9 onboard chargers (90 kW), presumably so they would only max out at 1C charge rate on the 85 kWh packs. After some testing and real world use, they figured out that 12 units (120 kW) or 1.4 C charge rate doesn’t hurt the pack as long as it is only done at lower SoC.

As for the 3 phase power stuff and the overrating the chargers at 11.1 kW, I have no idea. They have announced 135 kW chargers for Germany. Do you think this is just the 12 units with the extra voltage and the same current?

Bill Howland
Oh ok Josh you’re right part of my blog post was ‘implied’. I was reading the label of the Supercharger on the Video, since I don’t live anywhere near one to investigate it in person. The “Dual Rating” isn’t really a dual rating at all, its just that on a 480 volt system , 277 volts is available. Similar to on a 208 volt system, 120 volts is available for table lamps, cash registers, etc. Thats why the label says 200-240 volts is 3 wire, whereas 480 volts requires the neutral (to get the 277 volts required). So therefore, the charger units run on anything from around 200 to around 277 (a reasonable overvoltage factor would be around 285 volts). I just wondered if any tesla owners here ( or other interested parties ) knew the maximum voltage rating allowed on these 3 items. 1). Tesla S charger in the car. 2). Mobile EVSE included as standard equipment. 3). Tesla $1200 – 80 amp EVSE. The only info I’ve seen is regarding the Mobile connector $1500 for the Roadster. I’ve heard these things burn out and need to be replaced on a regular basis. Also, they have trouble running in… Read more »
Bill Howland

Josh its not mentioned on the rating plate, but it would be a simple rewiring of the Supercharger to get these 12 – 40 amp superchargers to run on a 480 amp 240 volt single phase feed. Supposedly if the output is 9.6 kw for a single Tesla S charger, than 12 of them in parallel would be 115 kw.

Some people are under the impression these things could never be used in a rural stretch of road where only single phase power is available from the utility, but there is nothing in the unit requiring 3 phase power since it is actually just 12 single phase chargers.


The Mauston SC looks like it is very close to done. Probably days away from going live.

It looks like they are spacing them fairly close together. Rockford to Madison is about 80 miles and Madison to Mauston is about 80 miles. I’m a little surprised they didn’t put the Mauston one near where I90 and I94 split which is about 100 miles from Madison. The winter 2013 map shows a dot at about that location. Probably ran into siting difficulty there.

There is another one going in near the intersection of I35 and I90 in MN based on the official SC map (winter 2013). But that will be about 150 miles from Mauston.

Christopher Allessi II

Hello, I am the person shooting these videos (I’m The K-Man). Please see my latest videos, I spend the day in Mauston with the Installation Crew, we tested each bay, they did diagnostic work, and a lot of Buttoning up. The Chargers are ready to go, just awaiting official Announcement! Please note, no guarantee that they will be turned on or not until official announcement day!

Jay Cole

Hey Chris really nice job shooting these. You truly are tireless!

All the best!