Videos From GXE Corvette Land Speed Record For Street-Legal EVs

AUG 24 2016 BY MARK KANE 14

Genovation Extreme Electric car (GXE)

Genovation Extreme Electric car (GXE)

Here is few videos from the recent speed record for street-legal electric cars set by Genovation Cars.

Genovation’s converted Z06 Corvette prototype recently hit 205.6 mph (330.8 km/h) at Florida’s Space Shuttle Launching Facility.

The company has also announced limited edition sales of the GXE for later this quarter.

“Genovation is currently in the testing and development phase for its GXE and is planning to begin accepting preorders for limited edition vehicles in Q3 2016.”

Second video below comes from Jim Motavalli, a fairly well known writer and EV enthusiast:

A Walk Around the 205-MPH Genovation Electric Record Car
At Space Florida”s Space Shuttle Launching Facility, Genovation set a world electric car record of over 205 mph (and 189.41 mph for the standing mile).

Manual Transmission
The Genovation team explains the decision to use a manual transmission in their all-electric GXE Corvette

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Very interesting !If GM gets serious about real EV’s The competition will speed the technology & lower the prices …ie: Tesla can now fit a 315 Mile battery in the same space a 200 mile battery was once
housed..With this all time EV Corvette Land speed Record ,,things are certainly heating Up ! I HOPE GM HAS ENOUGH SENSE TO INSTALL EV CHARGER IN ALL THEIR DEALERSHIPS…..I’m looking to get in ., COMPETITION…, The More ….The Merrier !

Funny how I haven’t seen the phrase “glorified golf carts” lately.

Pretty sure we can thank Elon for that…
There have been fast EV’s for a long time, but he made them sexy.

True about Musk, but there weren’t any fast (or quick) EVs before Tesla’s Roadster in 2008. So, fast EVs really haven’t been around a “long time,” they are a very recent phenomenon.

By the way, I love the net-like sound of the Corvette GXE!


EV with manual transmision. Looks like somebody wasn’t able to desing a proper electric motor. EV doesn’t need gear shifting unless the motor isn’t suited for propulsion.

They just broke the world record…again…I’m pretty sure they know exactly what they designed and that it was going to work brilliantly.

High speed runs are different, electric motors still have max RPM ranges, shifting keeps them from spinning themselves apart.

“EV with manual transmision. Looks like somebody wasn’t able to desing a proper electric motor. EV doesn’t need gear shifting unless the motor isn’t suited for propulsion.”

Another dumb ignorant statement from EV supporters who doesn’t know anything. You give the rest of us a bad reputation by posting things like this.

EV power train still need gear box if you want the combination of low end acceleration AND top end speed.

That is why Formula E racing cars all have gears. Yes, due to the broad power/torque band of Electric motors, you don’t need nearly as many gears, but gears are still needed because electric motors will eventually saturated due to high rpm back EMF.

If you use 1 speed gear box, you will have to trade off between low end acceleration with top speed. (Tesla got the acceleration, but lacks top speed).

With multi-gear box, you can have both.

“Give us a bad name.”

Well its all the ‘instant torque’ exaggerations that they keep talking about.

I remember some company wanted to come out with a 3 speed transmission, and most here said why? Even though the rationale was valid.

Detroit Electrics can optionally come with the Lotus manual or automatic transmissions.

The volt and elr take care of high speeds with a “Planetary-CVT”, but the GEN 1’s are lacking at the low-end: You have to accelerate very slowly to do so efficiently, its rather like starting off with an ICE in second or third gear.

The upcoming PHEV CT6 cadillac will have an extra set of gears to allow efficient jack-rabbit starts.

Yes, E-CVT still allows the change of “gearing ratio” thus, no need for gear changes as it is varied by the second motor…

At the end of the day, if you want top speed and low end acceleration, you will need more than 1 gear.

As good as electric motor is (far superior to ICE in terms of power and torque band), it still will reach its own limit of RPM. Thus, it needs more gears for top speed.

Personally, I don’t think we need more than 2-3 gears at most for most sub 200 miles..

Even for efficiency reasons, 2 gears can increase the efficiency of any given EV powertrain by allowing the car to be in the sweet spot across all speeds.

Well, I don’t like to make generalizations since that started all the trouble in the first place. Tesla products have poor power factor at high speeds which cause many complications, but then it doesn’t matter since they have such big batteries and large motors anyway – and the purchase price is so high nobody who buys one cares about the reduced efficiency..

But that same issue doesn’t necessarily apply to other manufacturers so I don’t broad brush it.

But this Corvette conversion apparently was carefully done…

Its arrogant to say any car going over 200 mph is improperly designed. Says whom?

YEA, They’re just going for speed , the car is not a “PROPER” EV Notice The big Fan In front ,Blowing air at the grill as the car charges up? It a Pieced together Trial car . Just like the other home made kits..Someone Else is doing the same thing with an Old Mustang.There are many others as well which is Good for the Sector ..

The best hotrods have always been pieced together old cars. It’s what makes them cool.

Adding about 20mph to their recent results is pretty respectable! Could we soon see an EV compete with combustion-engined cars for the street-registered top speed record? Will the point soon be made evident that even for such impractical aims, an electric drivetrain is the practical choice?