Videos: CNET Captures the Live BMW i3 Reveal in NYC


Though some news outlets captured the BMW i3 live reveal in NYC on camera, CNET took it a step further by getting video footage of the unveiling as it i3 front grille

There’s something about seeing the i3 is this quasi-live sort of way that heightens its appeal.

Lucky for us, the footage is of high quality and, aside for showing the inside of the i3, it captures almost every angle of BMW’s first mass production electric vehicle.

We have to say though that the fake kidney grill looks to be a stick-on afterthought.  Or perhaps BMW was trying to hard to get those trademark kidneys in on a vehicle that doesn’t require ventilation up front.

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Every time I see the i3 tires, I wonder what kind of traction they’ll have in the snow.


Every time I see the tires, I wonder how accurate Kim Reynold’s of Motor Trend test drive assessment was. He said he’d give BMW a mulligan for now, but hoped they were still hard on development of handling because he said it felt like a tipsy go cart! Whoa! Not-so-BMW-like eh? How can folks say this car is a success when with all the composites and aluminum, the magnesium and skinny tires – the $4.000 add-on motorcycle engine for limp-mode – they still compare it to the Volt? What’s more puzzling is all the hype comparing it to MODEL S?!!!! HUH?!!!! That BMW nameplate makes folks think: “OOOOoooo, it MUST be good!”. It’s a city car with a limp-home Eco2 mode and an optional 80 mile limp-home gas engine, that BMW says won’t equal the EV-mode performance. Funky style – Golf cart performance ( though quickish to 60 in EV mode ). A great futuristic concept car interior… Does this equal Model S? Gag! If folks find peace of mind in the 42% charging capability of the RE, just think of the expense – it cancels out any EV savings from the pump, and think of the lackluster, sickly performance….Whoo!… Read more »
I have to ask our BMW guy, Tom how he feels about the i3 and i Series altogether. After driving the Active-E all this time, a standard-looking BMW with better performance without all the composite tech. After contemplating how much these i cars will cost the owner who gets in a fender bender or accident to repair… What’s the deal BMW? i8 is ELR-like in it’s execution. BMW execs can be found online saying these two cars will be their bookends going forward covering the EV market – Ooooh kayyyy… one is a city car, the other a 2 seat sports car with zero practicality, a turbo 3cyl and 15 ( some now say 20 ) miles AER – at $150,000+ that is slower than a 7 seat, 5 door Tesla! With the Mini-E and Active-E programs and all that data, it’s strange that neither one of their bookends can do what a Chevy Volt does – which is provide the common commuter’s round trip all EV and still achieve 40 mpg on gas at $36,000. To top it all off a BMW exec also said they must build these cars to comply with the many Euro and American regulations… Read more »

Without the Range Extender, it seems like a “Beaf” to me… BMW Leaf. 😛

Yeah… where’s the Beaf?

Hey I have a BEAF with you on that comment!

L 🙂 L