New BMW i3 Ads: Police After Pullover -“At Least You’re Saving Money On Gas” + More


BMW has put out a series of 16-second BMW i3 ads in which it’s trying to convey the benefits of owning an i3.

Bright Side Moment: "At Least You're Saving Money On Gas"

Bright Side Moment: “At Least You’re Saving Money On Gas”

Here’s the gist:

  • You’ll get a ticket for speeding in an i3, but at least you saved money by not buying gas.
  • The i3 gets zero miles per gallon…or more specifically it burns zero gallons of gas. (Clearly, BMW should not say “zero miles per gallon”)
  • The i3 is a driver’s car.

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Yeah, BMW, it is too late to switch your strategy now. You made it look like a pug and bragged about how you use wind-power to build it . . . and now you are trying to make it a sports car? Good luck with that.

The kind of people that care if it’s built with wind power will look that up. The kind of people that want a sporty car are probably more concerned with curb appeal — it’s concerned with the environment versus concerned with what other people think. BMW has good brand appeal for the image conscious types but they’ve got very little eco-cred built up. They have to tread lightly because green cars aren’t yet a status symbol in the general public. But I think burying the environmentally sustainable aspects of the car on EV car blogs while releasing flashy ads to the larger public touting it’s more car-centric properties might be a good tactic.

Finally! Some EV commercials that are focused on more than just the “green” aspect. I love the message of “Reasons”. This is something I try to explain to people – driving an EV is just fun!

I think they are terrible. The first one: “at least you are saving money on gas” that could easily be interpreted as the cop mocking that it’s electric. of course it gives you something to think about which is a good thing for an ad but still. The second one sounds very clearly like it was written by people who don’t get why we are going electric. Like an ignorant person saying I’m sure there are lots of reasons to go electric (although I know none of them) but I suppose you can sort of still drive around in it. And the last one is downright stupid. 0 mpg… that’s not what it is dumbasses. 0mpg is a Hummer idling in a traffic jam. An electric car is infinite miles per gallons. Not zero! The problem with a proper ad for an EV is that to tell the truth you have to throw the stupid ICE cars under the diesel bus. Which of course they deserve but not likely you will get BMW to speak ill of their junk. You could say it doesn’t fill our lungs with deadly coal soot. It doesn’t jeopardize the planet and create droughts and… Read more »

Dan, you’re so predictably trapped in your own negativity, it’s becoming funny.

Remember, Nissan actually produced the only ad I know of that you said would be “proper for an EV”: dismissing ICEVs, including its own. Unsurprisingly you hated it nonetheless.

Back to BMW, I like their “cop” ad. Open road, no cellphone, missing seatbelt or other obvious reason why the driver would have been pulled over, so it’s pretty easy to assume he was speeding or somehow having too much fun with the car.
Which I think is a great message.

Also, nothing wrong IMHO with stating that a car that can’t use gas does zero MPG (actually, maybe it should even be a negative number: the more fuel you load, the less distance the vehicle covers).
OTOH, getting infinity MPG looks problematic: you could only travel a finite distance while the non-perfect fuel container on-board let some vapors escape.
Mathematically, agreed with the guys bellow, it’s “undefined MPG”. Wouldn’t make a good ad though…

Technically dividing miles travelled by 0 gallons is an indeterminate form, although most calculators show it as an error, it is undefined.

you are using 0 gallons driving a pure EV, simple.

Which is why you can’t get an mpg figure. BMW math fail.

I guess that is the reason for the i in i3.

yeah right it’s imaginary!! *rofl*

FWIW, I saw an ad on TV that was none of these three.