Video: Zap Zebra Makes Appearance in New RoboCop


One of the world’s worst electric vehicles has somehow sneaked its way into the new RoboCop trailer.

Zap Zebra Appears - Image Courtesy of Jalopnik

Zap Zebra Appears – Image Courtesy of Jalopnik – Click to Enlarge

You’ll only see it for a split second, but it’s there.

The three-wheeled Zap Zebra is what we’d call Chinese-made garbage.

Some severe braking issues forced the NHTSA to order Zap to recall some 700 2008 Model Year Zebras.  Zap had the option of either fixing them or reimbursing owners and then destroying them.

More recently, Zap’s been hit with additional recalls and even lawsuits for its faulty vehicles.

Hopefully, the Zap Zebra that appears in the RoboCop trailer isn’t one of the affected models.  If it is, then stopping it might require that it hit a brick wall.

Source: Jalopnik

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Maybe it’s fulfilled its true role, to be a movie prop.

change the stupid fish mouth on Model S and it would fit right in

Nothing to do with the price of soup…or electric cars, but I actually did a little work with the Robocop production last year as it was primarily filmed in my neck of the woods (Toronto). Also of note, movie prop guns (no matter how ridiculous/unreal looking) can’t be taken home or retained in Canada.

I knew things were getting bad in Toronto, but didn’t know they sent Robocop in.

About the movie… I’m not seeing much of the smart social commentary/shameless corporatism satire that made the original such a classic. Let’s hope they don’t dumb it down and retain the themes.

It reminds me of the remake of Total Recall. It had the icons, but none of the humor or heart of the Arnie original.