Video: Would Google Buy Tesla? Should Google Buy Tesla?


Should Google buy Tesla?

Tesla's Soaring Stock and Rising Value Begins to Bring in Talk of Buyers

Tesla’s Soaring Stock and Rising Value Begins to Bring in Talk of Buyers

Would Google buy Tesla?

Would Tesla even sell?

All are solid questions and, with Tesla’s recent string of successes, some are beginning to wonder if there are now parties interested in purchasing the automaker.

A sale won’t happen anytime soon though, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk has vowed to keep the automaker under his control until at least the cheaper, BMW 3 Series competitor comes out (maybe 2017).

But still, there’s a chance Tesla could be bought, right?

We ask again, “Would Google buy Tesla?”  Let’s turn it over to Bloomberg contributing editor, Nicholas Thompson, for a possible answer.

Source: Bloomberg

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Hope not.

The only advantage I can think of for a Google takeover would be that they would have enough money to roll out supercharging stations everywhere, and also get the new models brought to market faster.

Apple makes more sense. They’ve been looking into electric vehicles and diversifying their markets for a while. Steve always wanted an “iCar”…

Hmm …. no. I don’t want to be served ads using the history of where I drive.

I don’t think either of these people know anything about EV’s.

In a few years people will be asking if Tesla should buy Google or Apple.

I think Tesla should stay independent for now so they can execute their master plan the way they see it. It seems that is the right way.

Maybe you guys missed how many engineers from the robotics & personal mobility market, have recently been hired by Apple?