Video Of World’s Largest Tesla Supercharger Site

Tesla Supercharger station Shanghai, China


Check out the world’s largest Tesla Supercharger station, which is officially open, but not that busy just yet.

We previously shared video of this new Supercharger station just prior to its official opening. It’s just one piece of the puzzle in Tesla’s attempt to make good on the promise of 1,000 Superchargers in China by the end of 2017. The site officially opened in October, although Tesla never made an announcement or held an official ceremony. Now, we have an early video of it in use, along with news that the automaker made it official with Tesla owners and the press on October 23, 2017

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World’s largest Tesla supercharger station in Shanghai, China

It’s only matter of time before the new 50-stall, underground Supercharger station in Shangai, China is booming with Tesla owners. The 24-hour site is located in a busy area — Lilacs International Commercial Centre on Dingxiang Road — that tends to have long lines for EV charging. There are several smaller Supercharger stations very near the new station (12 or more), and Tesla has plans for another nine in the near future.

Video Description via CCTV+ on YouTube:

Tesla Launches World’s Largest Supercharger Station in Shanghai

Electric-car maker Tesla Inc. on Wednesday officially launched the world’s largest Supercharger station in Shanghai, China, a market where the company sees huge potential for its products.

Source: YouTube via Teslarati

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I’m curious how Tesla drivers in Shanghai charge their cars if not for superchargers. It’s high rise concrete jungle, and home charging may not be an option for many (or most), thus having to rely on superchargers only. If so, 50 stalls may not be enough.

Depends on how soon China will allow low speed summon mode. I am betting that Tesla will have a hybrid-macro mode for teaching the path to either a wireless charging area or the infamous Tesla snake. IMO, this will be the best use of low-speed autonomous drive in the near future.

Once Tesla or a different EV manufacturer perfect this process, that will be one more knell to the ICE.

Most newer complexes in China have underground parking garages just like the one displayed. Many have scooter parking areas where people can charge those, but maybe not accessible to where the cars are parked.

When will VW start building super chargers and mega chargers? Oh wait☹️.
Tesla for the win. Vegan interior for the win?.

In a country so strongly promoting EVs, I am surprised that there is not a strong building code demanding low power charging be available at all overnight parking spaces.