See The World’s First Holographic Chrome Tesla Model 3


This Model 3 may be a bit over the top, but it’ll still draw attention anywhere it goes

Builds like these serve only one purpose: to draw attention. While you may actually appreciate what a crazy wrap job and directional wheels like these bring to the table, in reality, you, as the owner, are an attention seeking individual. And this vehicle perfectly fills that need. While it certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, this holographic chrome Tesla Model 3 will undoubtedly steal the spotlight anywhere it goes. And for this owner, that’s probably everything that he hoped for.

The vehicle in question features a rather unique, albeit pretty expensive holographic chrome wrap. Covering every nook and cranny of this vehicle, the wrap job adds a rather compelling effect, especially during night time. Every surrounding light reflects over its surface. In turn, this effect gives the car one of the most intricate looks we’ve seen to date. Certainly, not everyone will like it, but, just like a peacock strutting in front of a female, it will have the desired effect.

Additionally, this Tesla Model 3 features a set of directional lightweight aluminum wheels. From the look of things, these are 19-inch wheels and fit the vehicle really snug. Add the overall appeal of a Model 3, combine it with all the hype surrounding Tesla lately, add a sprinkle of chrome wrap and this vehicle will be the star of any shopping mall parking lot for a long time to come. Check out the full video showcase of this battery-powered holographic chrome Model 3 right above.

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I actually like it! Wish I could afford one. But how does it earn the description holographic? A holographic is a 3D picture.

That’s the marketing term. It’s the same printing process as on a modern passport or US driver’s license, which features holograms. If you want to feel better, you can call it an interference pattern with diffraction. Hey, at least it wasn’t a Magic Eye print. I keep looking at those photos of stealth pre-production car wraps funny, hoping to see the Space Shuttle or something.
A lot of printing techniques get called a hologram. I do believe that the printing process is called correctly. This is a laser-etched reflective surface. The issue at hand is that there’s no 3D pattern involved that we recognize. In actuality, it could be a sinusoidal repeating pattern in 3D.


My eyes just broke.

Attention drawing or not, that’s something you don’t see every day. Not even every 30 years in my case.

it’s actually 20″ wheels

Looks great! But really high maintenance to keep looking good

Love it! But is that even street Legal?
Seems like it might conflict with street signs.

Um, I don’t think that is the world’s first holographic Model 3. What about the one in New Mexico? It’s been around since last summer, when it got wrapped in the same stuff, in Albuquerque. I tweeted a photo of it back on August 26th.

this one is chrome. The one in your tweet is chameleon. It’s a bit different.

Pretty sure it’s the same thing. The New Mexico car looks the same as this one at night

Amazing wrap. Why wouldn’t you want to stand out?

You guys like being in bland grey car that looks like all the other cars around? Just sitting there being a blob waiting for life to pass dressed in boring colored clothes?

And then… this thing pulls up. All eyes are on it. People start talking about it, taking out their phones to take pics. Then they post about it later online. Look what I saw today!

That will never happen with a bland colored car.

To me, it looks like more of a prism vice holograph. Regardless, so cool. Would love that on mine.

I saw something similar to this on a custom chopper in Sturgis years ago (2004?). It was paint, but had the same effect where you could see the bare metal under the clear coat, and it changed colors as you walked around it.

🙄Looks tacky

I had mine wrapped using psychedelic 3M last summer. So yours isn’t the first! 😜