Video: With BMW i3 and i8, Sustainability and Driving Pleasure Co-Exist


“Now driving pleasure comes without limits.

BMW i3

BMW i3

“BMW i3 with eDrive is the consistently sustainable vehicle designed for city traffic or commuting.

“Driving the next movement.”

Here BMW presents the i3 and i8 in quite a different light, though most of the focus is on the i3.  A few engineer types discuss the grueling testing performed on the i3 and then cover the i3’s importance to the brand

As BMW says, with i, sustainability and driving pleasure (a hallmark of all BMWs) truly co-exist.

This here video is not heavy on the details, but it does offer us a way to view the i sub-brand as a whole.   Don’t imagine for a second that either the i3 or i8 will stray from BMW’s roots.  They’ll both still be the “ultimate driving machines,” but with any added twist of sustainability.  So, maybe i will be referred to as the “Ultimate Sustainable Driving Machine?”

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4 Comments on "Video: With BMW i3 and i8, Sustainability and Driving Pleasure Co-Exist"

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I can’t believe they produced this video and the darned cars are still painted up in camouflage. Makes no sense. I bet some people will watch this and believe that is how the care is supposed to look.

Somehow I believe BMW doesn’t include those kinds of people in their “target market”. 🙂

I hope they bring this car to market before the lease on my i-MiEV is up. That would be a nice upgrade!

I like the i3, and may actually buy one. But claiming that cars are somehow sustainable is total BS. This is more of the, “If we all just switch to cloth shopping bags we can continue to consume” line.

The I8 could compete with Tesla, when it eventually comes out…