Video: Wired Takes Us Even Deeper Behind the Scenes of Production at Tesla Motors


“Tesla Motors is challenging the giants of the global auto industry with all-electric cars—and a new approach to building them. Take a look at their assembly lines, and the philosophy behind them.”

Says Wired, via its YouTube channel.

This latest Wired video takes us inside Tesla Motors’ production facility in California.  Gilbert Passin, Tesla Motor’s vice-president of manufacturing, discusses what makes Tesla’s factory so unique.

In case you missed the first behind-the-Tesla-scene Wired video, we’ve posted it below.  Note that the recent video focuses mostly on the factory as a whole.  Whereas the previous video zeroed in on Model S production.

Source: Wired via YouTube

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6 Comments on "Video: Wired Takes Us Even Deeper Behind the Scenes of Production at Tesla Motors"

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Very Happy for Tesla, including the fact that they can build in the USA
@ Western wage rates, including the smart multiple use robots.

Well done !

Very nice. I would love to visit the Tesla factory some day.

Not hard to see where all the money went 🙂
I’m a bit puzzled though how they are able to lose money on 100k$ cars.
I guess they just ordered a ton of parts and things got out of hand.

It’s that 2.1ton mistake.

Please, just get back in your Hummer, drive away, and don’t come back.

I’m glad they are building these cars in the US with a lot of parts made in the factory in the US in that the factory looks a lot like something out of the future or science fiction with all the robots and people moving around.

If they outsource to a slave wage county I would not support them as a company.

That seat loader/urethane robot must have been programmed by a genious. It is increadibly hard to set up a tool changer using ethernet on a Kuka.