Video: Wired Takes Us Behind the Scenes as the Tesla Model S Gets it Final Quality Checks


Them lucky dogs over at Wired are back at it again.

Tesla Model S Ready for the Road

Tesla Model S Ready for the Road

We’ve seen the folks at Wired take us inside Tesla’s factory and they even presented us with video of the Model S being built.

Now, it’s time to see the Model S as it goes through its final quality checks prior to shipping out to buyers.

As Wired says:

“We go inside Tesla’s rigorous quality testing that every Model S must undergo before hitting the road. From water and drive tests to a 101-point checklist, see the exhaustive inspection each all-electric sedan goes through. You can preorder a Tesla today, but don’t expect to get behind the wheel for another two to three months.”

In case you were wondering, each and every Model S endures the same tests…5 hours of tests.

Source: Wired

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I seem to remember the Volkswagen Beetle was actually inspected more than this, but without seeing each individual test on either car, its hard to make a judgement. At least they’re doing it.

The one test they’d probably forget about is the 1840 watt ‘vampire loss’ in cold weather. Seeing as these are selling in Norway, they better get cracking on the solution before next winter. Nolan’s long term report showed at least 33% of the kwh used for the car has been
vampire loss, and this in warm weather.. Wait till it gets cold. Then the S’s efficiency will be none too good. My roadster surprisingly is many times better in the very cold. Too bad the air inlets suck in all the crap off the road, preventing use in the wintertime around here. I drove it around here anyway and now my heat sinks are clogged.

Yeah, the lack of sleep mode and the resulting “vampire loss” are a head-scratcher.

The Roadster doesn’t have a cabin filter?!

Vampire loss isn’t due to cold, it’s the overnight (hence “Vampire), or whenever the car is parked, discharge and its a big problem. Cold weather bat performance is a diff issue.

FYI – Every Volkswagen Beetle are NOT individually tested for 5 hours and driven 40 before being shipped. lol. No Volkswagen is…. That’s why they cost $25,000 (and are crap).

The Model S’s delivered to Norway have version 5.0 firmware, which reduces the power drain when off and unplugged. Version 5.0 has also been delivered to some US customers that got the new parking sensors or cold weather package.

Tesla has said that they will eliminate the rest of this by the end of the year.


I like the Belgian blocks test! I didn’t know they tested that specifically.

By the way I wonder how the Model S handles a pothole at 60 mph?


Well maybe we’re talking semantics here. It very definitely is temperature dependent because a Model S does not normally loose 65 miles of battery range overnight. Its only when it is very cold.

The Beetle I was referring to is the original 30’s model. The beetle look alike Golf I don’t consider a Beetle.