Video: What Not To Do In Your Electric Vehicle

OCT 29 2013 BY JAY COLE 8

A few weeks ago a few Norwegians set out to solve the problem of electric cars being too silent, to some entertaining results – think train horns.

How To Become Mr. Popular In You Electric Vehicle

How To Become Mr. Popular In You Electric Vehicle

Now one member of that group, Calle from Ylves (yes, of “What Does The Fox Say” fame) is doing all the things you probably shouldn’t do in his Buddy electric car – like giving everyone driving petrol cars the finger from the HOV lane.

For those of you not familiar with the “Buddy” EV, it has a range of 25-60 km  (16 to 37 miles) via a 13 kW motor, and has a max speed of 80 km/hr (50 mph).  Total longth? 96 inches.

The Buddy has been in production (more or less) since 1991 and is in its 6th generation – apparently most of the 1,000+ cars made so far have been for comedy sketches.

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8 Comments on "Video: What Not To Do In Your Electric Vehicle"

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I think this really makes fun of small compact cars along with EV’s.

Seems like the typical EV elitist attitude to me. Can’t wait ’till he gets a Tesla…

Hmm, what if I told you the person in the video was acting stupid on purpose, and therefore might not represent how other drivers would normally behave?

Would it be too much reality for you to handle maybe?

Please Google “sarcasm” – and lighten up, just a bit!

A little NSFW at the end… but still nice. 🙂

I bet my super-narrow i-MiEV could pull some of those stunts off. Flipping everyone off from the HOV lane here in Texas is usually met with gunfire though.

I lolled 🙂
Riding the EV lane with attitude 🙂 I’m still lolling 🙂

I never noticed the ending for a while until now. For those who might’ve overlooked, just skip to 1:54.

What a boob (that guy is).