Video: Watch This Tesla Model S Race at Willow Springs


It’s a quiet, serene experience when the Tesla Model S laps Willow Springs International Raceway during an open track day.

Model S Passing on the Track

Model S Passing on the Track

Driven by owner Abraham Shrem, the Model S zips past some gas-chugging competition, including a Ford Mustang and a Porsche.

But it’s how the Model S moves about in such a serene way that makes you not even realize that it’s topping 100 mph.

There’s no rumble from the exhaust.  No roar of the engine.

So, aside from the speed that’s posted in the on-screen graphic, there’s little to indicate that the Model S is moving at a brisk pace.

Still, it’s a joy to watch this electric machine tear up the track as it takes down posers.

Enjoy this 15-plus minute clip of the Model S in race-day form.

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One response to "Video: Watch This Tesla Model S Race at Willow Springs"
  1. David Murray says:

    Nice bug splatter right in front of the camera.