Video: Watch Nissan LEAFs Compete in Gran Turismo 6 Downloadable Demo


The PS3 Gran Turismo 6 demo is now available to download now and, as such, some of the racing action has already hit YouTube.

Much to our surprise, the demo includes the Nissan LEAF.

The LEAF is part of the warm-up action in the GT6 demo, meaning video gamers must drive the LEAF in the lead up to some of the actual time-trial events.  The LEAF joins the Nissan 370Z and Nissan GT-R as the only vehicles available in the demo release.

Interesting here is that the LEAF’s electric whine is instantly recognizable and its handling appears to be relatively flat through the curves thanks to that lowly slung lithium-ion battery.

The demo marks the start of the fifth season of Sony’s GT Academy competition, which gives gamers the chance to compete in real-life driving events.  This part of competition runs until July 28.

Here we present a handful of videos showing the Nissan LEAF in all of its GT6 glory.  The demo version is available until August 31.  The full-tilt version of GT6 rolls out after that.

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Wow even the gauges work on the dash.. I’m assuming since it is a right-hand drive that everything is displayed in metric, otherwise the Leaf is driving faster than its max speed of 95 mph.

Forza 4 has had the LEAF since it came out in 2011, and the Tesla Roadster as well. The Volt can have an engine swap with a ZR1 V8. Seems like Gran Tourismo is just playing catch up.

Wondering if the Guess-o-meter is operating in miles or km here. Also, I guess the Guess-o-meter says “—” after a full reboot until it has enough data to start guessing?

Mainly in GT5 but also GT6 The range is in km. It starts off as the 3 dashes “—“, usually the car starts off from the pits at full speed and the range will start from 78 km. If you try to drive realistically and waste time with the game, in GT5 the maximum range I got was 239 km and no higher. But it’s crude considering how the game is better suited to better recreate ICEs, especially considering how much of a colossal misrepresentation the Tesla Roadster became in the game, and how the unlimited fuel/tyre setting doesn’t apply to EVs in the game. Anyway, with it being crude regenerative brakes don’t work if you try to glide, only if you tap the brakes so there’s no benefit when gliding down a perfect hill.

“…and its handling appears to be relatively flat through the curves…” I’m very familiar to the Leaf in GT5, and it was very flat, every car was, not to mention that it was stiff, rigid and understated horribly on original tires despite having an exact 50/50 weight distribution, which the best handling cars in the game are close too. Kaz, president of Polyphony Digital said that the most difficult process of recreating the driving physics were the tyre and suspension kinematic modelling. In development with Yokohama Rubber and KW Automotive, they managed to improve that from GT5 immensely from my opinion. The GT6 demo, which I was disappointed with thinking that I’ll get the Tesla Model S as shown in the E3 demos, did show a new fun to it all. The 370Z felt lively and not like a tin of peas on an ice-rink like in most games. The Leaf had the biggest change. With the same tires (Comfort:Medium), it felt awesome. Comparing to GT5, entering was confident, steering was very even and it stuck to the track, but there also a break of grip or slip if you chanced it and had to do some correction. It leaned… Read more »