Video: Watch China’s Vertical EV Sharing / Charging Structure in Action


When parking is limited, vertical is the only way to go.

Kandi Parking Structure

Kandi Parking Structure

Awhile back, Hangzhou City, China started construction on a vertical parking garage specifically for the charging of electric vehicles.

The idea was that this vertical structure would hold hundreds of rental electric vehicles provided by Kandi Technologies.

We were a bit skeptical as to whether or not China would go forth with such a plan, but as it turns out, China did and we have video to prove it.

The end goal is to add more of these vertical parking/charging structure so that up to 10,0000 of these Kandi EVs can be supported and in use by Summer 2014.

Since China proved us wrong the first time, we’re not about to doubt them this time.

So, next time we report on Kandi and China, expect to hear that 10,000 of these electric are on the roads and that 3 or 4 of these vertical parking/charging structures are operational.


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Neat ASRS. Would have been fun to work on. There have been smaller ICE versions of these parking structures for some time, but I haven’t seen one this large before.

Are they using inductive charging? That would prevent someone from having to plug in. Or maybe the car is plugged into the pallet that holds it, and the pallet makes an electrical connection to the grid.

I am a little confused, you said “there have been smaller Ice versions of these structures”. Where have you seen a smaller one? This one is the smallest one I have ever seen, it seems to store 30 tiny cars. To the best of my knowledge this concept was invented in the US in Spokane Wa. in 1950. They were called “pigeon hole parking machines”. They were fun to watch park cars. There used to be several in Portland Oregon, the first place I ever saw one. There may have been smaller ones than 30 cars, but the structures were all much larger than this structure, because they were all made to accommodate the largest 50’s and 60’s era American cars. The fewest stored cars of the ones I have seen would hold was 40 cars, 5 by 4 on two sides. Most were much larger.

I too, though would like to know how the Chinese are charging these cars, both of the ones you mention are plausible.

These cars are made by Kandi. They are plugin or battery swap via side slide.