Video: Watch as Tesla Inaugurates a Supercharger Opening


Have you ever attended a Tesla Supercharger grand opening?

Now This Is a Tesla Supercharger Map We Haven't Seen Before

Now This Is a Tesla Supercharger Map We Haven’t Seen Before

If so, then perhaps the video seen above will seem somewhat familiar.

If not, then here’s your chance to see what happens when Tesla inaugurates the opening of a Supercharger.

“On January 23, 2014, Tesla unveiled their first Supercharger station in the state of Ohio, located at DDR’s Macedonia Commons.”

That Supercharger opening is what’s seen in this video.  What surprises us is that Tesla has representatives on hand to discuss the opening.  I mean, it’s just one more charger, right?

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Next to a WalMart and Applebee’s? ah yeah, okay.

Where are the grand openings for the promised battery swap stations?

You know very well they’re on the way… Pfft.

Oh, and Ohio is nothing like SoCal– so Chain Stores and Restaurants are as good as it gets. :p

@CherylG. It will be installed next to your gasoline station that are for free service for life. I don’t understand your point with silly comments.

“Where are the grand openings for the promised battery swap stations?”

Are any of the Tesla apologists going to answer CherylG’s valid question or are you just going to post ad hominem attacks against CherylG?

Elon Musk announced that battery swap stations were going to be deployed by the end of 2013, but Tesla missed this deadline. Did Tesla announce a new deployment date for the battery swapping stations?

Editor’s Note: The swap station question is a valid one, especially considering how they trigger additional ZEV credits sold for Tesla.

…however, asking that question repeatedly, on unrelated Tesla threats on a 3rd party site and hijacking the conversation away from the topic at handy is not ok. This question is kinda/sorta loosely related, so we are letting it hang around because we really, really hate to edit anything or block anyone.

Perhaps if that question was answered it wouldn’t be asked repeatedly. 🙂

With regards to editing comments, it seems that this site allows and even condones vulgar and crude comments directed at CherylG. In one thread Anon twice commented that it must be CherylG’s “time of the month.” His post was neither edited, nor deleted. Yet when I responded to his vulgar post calling him out not to be a “d-bag”, my post gets deleted then edited when I reposted it. How do Anon’s multiple comments about CherylG’s menstrual cycle not get deleted/edited, yet my comment telling him not to be a feminine hygiene product gets deleted/edited? Double standard?

I haven’t laughed so hard in a while! Thanks for that Sven! 🙂

Wasn’t aware of a censorship issue here. Moving on!

Honestly sven, the ‘offensive’ verbage is what gets flagged and then edited later. The subsequent comment you mentioned was just missed.

Generally what tips someone on the staff off to an inappropriate comment that doesn’t have language is when there is a dozen sub-comments hijacking the thread. No one actually is going through the 1,000s of comments each week to nanny the conversation. Nobody wants that.

Quite frankly, as the site grows the job of trying to keep the discussion community a safe and enjoyable place to visit is getting harder and harder … but if we left everything unchecked – Mad Max style, it would not be a place anyone would want to visit.

Basically the yardstick is, “would I want my public-school aged son reading the comments and language found in it?” If the answer is no, its going to get edited.

Good point, Sven – I’ve noticed that, as well.

When the question is rhetorical and obviously trolling what kind of response do you expect?

Re: Swapping — This has been discussed in a few videos recently. Going to happen in CA as a trial. Issue is swapping benefits and timeframe conflict with increase in battery capacity and distance the cars can go plus the number and locations of superchargers. That is to say the more/better of the latter then you don’t need the former. Dichotomy Tesla has discussed in few recent video. I’m certainly not going to research and find them for CherlyG. Her comments are typically absurd and off topic.

Cheryl has suddenly appeared on the insideEVs scene
as an anti-Tesla troll.

Just thought I’d point this out. I’m unsure of whom this troll
is. Is he or she anti-EV across the board or ?. Thing is,
electric cars’ success will effect many individuals and
major concerns economically and folks like these will
stick out like Pinocchio’s nose because their comments
are out of left field without reasonable fact nor valid

It is nearly always anti EV in my experience and probably best ignored. Probably a short seller or in their pay.

Oh, the mods know. They delete her petty drivel all the time, often leaving my retorts by themselves. *shrugs*

Here’s my profile, based on her comments here:

She is specifically anti-Tesla, apparently for the sake of being anti-Tesla. Nothing is too petty to post, if she can paint Tesla as a failure in everything it does. She also takes great pride in her negative opinions, despite the few close friends she likely has; who absolutely adore the company, their mission and their products. Her unreasonable opinions are probably a crutch that helps her to feel superior to her associates. She enjoys generating conflict and strong emotions in others, as it validates her existence. She is likely a resident of California…

And she seems to have a “thing” for George Clooney.

Anon, you seem to be obsessed with CherylG. Maybe subconsciously you have a “thing” for CherylG. You know what they say: opposites attract. 🙂

No, I just enjoy trolling trolls that troll. 😉

I think the Supercharger is either “inaugurated” or “opened” but I don’t think the opening is inaugurated.

Great PR video of the event. This is awesome for a petrol-head state like Ohio, that has very little EV infrastructure and extreme ranges of temperature year around. Looking forward to more of the stations in other areas, like the NW part of the state.

Now that we know BlueStar / Gen III / Model E –WILL– have the capability of using the SuperCharger Network, each new station coming online is like a gift unfolding from the future. 🙂

Us Tesla fans only know what Tesla reveals or what can be gleaned from past experience.

If there have been no grand openings for swap stations, then there haven’t been. Bug Tesla.

I thought I had read somewhere that there are two swap stations open in SoCal. I do not know for sure…I live on the East coast.

I’m just excited that there are superchargers open on routes to family members that I can’t reasonably reach by train! Now, all I need is the car…

I think this SuperCharger opening is a major deal because of a partnership with DDR.

It’s a wonderful thing because able to charge in North East Ohio at a SuperCharger. Too bad lawmakers in Ohio are trying to prevent Ohioans from being able to BUY a Tesla there.