Video: Watch as Glass Tesla Creator Demos App While Driving Model S


A few days back we got wind that software engineer Sahas Katta released an app for the Google Glass platform that combines Glass with the Model S.  As Katta says, this app, called Glass Tesla, can do all of this (and probably even more in the near future):

Glass Tesla App Creator in Model S

Glass Tesla App Creator in Model S

– View vehicle charging status. Start or stop charging via Glass. You can even open the charge port without having to get back into your car.

– Locate your Model S on a map and get directions to it. You can even honk the horns or flash the headlights if you still can’t spot it.

– See whether the doors, trunks, or sunroof is open/closed. Of course, you can lock or unlock your car remotely and even control the sunroof too.

– You can view the car’s interior and exterior temperatures. With a single tap, you can enable “auto climate” to either cool or heat your vehicle to an optimal temperature remotely.

It’s great to know what the app can do, but wouldn’t you rather see it in use?  We sure would, so we went searching and stumbled upon this here YouTube video showing the Glass Tesla app in action and it’s Sahas Katta who’s using it.

Katta doesn’t own a Model S, so to tweak the app he has to borrow his dad’s ride.  No shame in that.

Watch as Katta demos Glass Tesla while driving a Model S.

Is it a gimmicky app?  Or a useful tool?

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Fun and even possibly useful (e.g. to open the trunk), but not _while_ driving, damn!

I tried Glass: it’s impossible to focus on the “screen” while keeping an eye on anything else. The frequent notifications it’s meant to provide (emails, tweets etc) are also very distracting; of course one could turn those off, but how many drivers will actually do that before taking off? And how could a police officer tell? It is then only reasonable for Glass-using drivers to be ticketed the same way texting etc is today.

I know, and although I didn’t have much success with that myself, Glass can do voice recognition — but so do other, less intrusive devices, beginning with the car’s existing handsfree system.

It’s simply amazing & truly great work – we need more head up type displays though for safety otherwise I am concerned with driver distractions …. we then forget to drive.

Last week locally new driver behind me – One hand holding up mobile phone other cigarette, steering ? oh that must be optional these days for some in the moving pleasure palace on 4 wheels.