Video: Watch as a Bear and a Bull Spar Over Tesla Motors


Bull Versus Bear...Whose Side Are You On?

Bull Versus Bear…Whose Side Are You On?

Who’s in the right?

The constant Tesla pessimist?

The optimist?

Or is it somewhere in between?

Watch as these two duke it out, so to say, over Tesla Motors.

Are you on the bull’s side?  Or do you support the bear?

It’s interesting to hear so totally opposite takes on one single company.  Is Tesla really that polarizing?

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I saw this, the guy on the bottom lost all credibility with me the moment he said they cancelled production of the Chevy Volt and stopped making it because nobody was buying it. I mean, I guess he forgot to tell GM because as far as I know they’re still rolling off the production line.

Or in the beginning when he says

1) there’s no where to plug in
2) he gets corrected on #1, and says “oh, well that will take down my grid”

[smacks forehead]

It’s scary that people are giving this guy their money to invest and he knows nothing about the industries he’s investing in. Then, when presented with facts, he puts his fingers in his hears and goes “nananananana”.

So the guy on the bottom is basically a Mark Modica #2, and he F’d up and shorted a winning stock, so now he’s trying to poo poo EV’s even more. Classic.

Intrepid Capitol Funds
definition of intrepid = “fearless”
for this guy.. not so much. keep spreading the FUD Mark 2.

This is funny … Andrea (the woman in this video who also posted it on YouTube) probably selected the still-frame. She looks attractive, smart and insightful, while he’s got this dull scowl and his finger up his nose. Classic. lol

IMHO Musk seems brave and brilliant, and he is great at marketing, and he has engineered a game-changing product-line that is clearly best-in-class. However due to its recent run-up, I suspect TSLA is a bit overvalued at this point. Tesla’s road is long, and much could still go wrong … ala Fisker.

Musk has been brilliantly riding a wave of media “Teslamania” that started in April, and that (IMHO) is what has been driving the TSLA run-up. Once that wave starts to subside, I suspect TSLA could settle back to $50 before it starts rising again. And it could certainly reach $300 in a few years (as Andrea predicts) if their product engineering excellence (and good luck) continues. Guess we’ll see.

Most of all, Tesla’s ( and also Volt’s ) detractors always have the same answer –

“Have you driven the car?” ( Tries to change subject ) “Have you driven the car?”
( Tries to change subject again ) “Have you driven the car?” – “Uh, no, but – I don’t
want to!”


They’re not literally AFRAID of an electric car – or an electrically enhanced one –
it’s that they have vested interests in oil, or ICE auto parts and manufacturing
companies and they’ll say anything to see EVs go away.

Hummm, well, I don’t own any Tesla stock and this in hindsight obviously was a mistake, but the “bull” did say a couple of things that are troubling (“Tesla has battery tech 5-10 years ahead of the competition”). I don’t think that is true, its just that no one else puts a decent sized battery in their cars. I bought my 2011 Volt and 2011 Roadster simply because these 2 products had decently sized batteries in them (10 1/2 and 53 kwh, respectively). All the other manufactures continue to offer only microscopic batteries in their cars, but I cannot say that they are less technologically advanced. The price to earnings ratio of 1100 to 1 should give investors pause. Also Musk’s deflection of the cold weather Model S issue will eventually be seen… Hopefully “S” version 2.0 will quickly address this problem.. Frankly, I thought they would have fixed it by now. I test drove a Signature 85 kwh performance S that a friend had (you know, the $110k things) , and I know it isn’t but it seems faster than a Roadster…Very impressive….I mentioned the cold weather issue but he said he didn’t care since every where he plans… Read more »

Ouff. Whoever the hell that male speaker is, he really has an irritating personality. I actually assume that he’s repeating the words of internet trolls just for the humour of it all. It’s like being thrown back to 2009.