Video: Watch a Tesla Ranger Repair a Model S on Location


“No matter how far you live from a service center, be it 100 miles or 5, Tesla Rangers are always available to make a house call.”

Model S Repaired by Ranger

Model S Repaired by Ranger

That’s how Tesla describes its come-to-you Ranger service, but until now we’ve not seen how this actually works in the real world.

It works…it truly does.

The convenience of this on-the-spot repair service is unmatched, as you’ll see in the video.

Here’s the description that accompanies the video on YouTube:

“Our front right mudguard (not sure how it’s properly called) bent and started rubbing against the tire… We didn’t hit anything, didn’t fall in any holes…”

“I called the Service Sunday afternoon, Monday afternoon a Tesla Ranger was at our driveway and fixed the issue in 15-20 minutes. Perfect customer service experience and appointment communication!”

We only wish that everything in life was that simple.

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best car and best service in the world

I’m sure the tech just loved her standing behind him recording his every move!

If a tech is uncomfortable with somebody watching, they don’t deserve your trust either. They should only be uncomfortable with somebody getting in the way!