Video Walkaround Of 2017 Chevrolet Bolt At Chicago Auto Show


Chevy Bolt In Chicago

Chevy Bolt In Chicago

The Chevrolet Bolt EV remains one of the hottest electric cars on the auto show scene.

Here the Bolt EVĀ is seen at the Chicago Auto Show (both inside and out) where it was captured in video walkaround format by AutoMotoTube.

Video description:

“Welcome to AutoMotoTube!!! On our channel we upload every day , short, (2-5min) walkaround videos of Cars and Motorcycles. Our coverage is from Auto and Moto shows in North America and Europe – We visit different shows: Big, like Tokyo, Geneva, Frankfurt, Paris, Detroit, EICMA Milan, New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles Show, to small, regional Auto and Motorcycle Shows.”

“In most of our videos, we take a look at the exterior design and interior arrangements of the vehicle, so you can receive a general idea and appreciation of a certain brand or model.”

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the agony of the music

I actually liked the music. Reminded me of “On Melancholy Hill” by the Gorillaz.

I just want to sit in the front of a Bolt, move the drivers seat til I am comfortable and then jump into the back seat before anyone moves it to check on the leg room. From what I have seen, it should be a good bit better than the Volt.
They had a 6’5″ guy sit in the back of a Bolt in one video, and he had plenty of room. But you can’t tell how much, if any, the front seat was moved upt.
My second wish for the Bolt is for it to have at least 210 miles of hwy AER. It isn’t REQUIRED, but it would be very nice!

Adaptive Cruise Control? The button in the middle of the cruise control panel is the following distance control button. This button is used on the pre-2016 Volt to control the following distance indicator alert but this button is also used on other GM products to control Adaptive Cruise Control following distance. I think the Bolt has a chambered round in regards to Adaptive Cruise Control. ACC is a $1,195 option on the 2017 Volt, I think we can expect a similar option on the near term Bolt.

That black panel under the rear bumper looks very much like the Bolt was design to accept a receiver package. If this CUV does come with a receiver package then you will be able to do trailering with it. I doubt the Bolt would have more that a Class I rating but being able trailer without voiding the warranty is a definite plus.

Two years ago, I would have never expected Chevy to develop such a great BEV. The Volt is a great offering, if you want a PHEV. I really want a pure BEV, with useful range. I expected Nissan or BMW to compete with Telsa on the low-end, not GM. The Bolt is definitely a disruptor to the LEAf and i3 and it looks like a solid competitor to the Model 3. I can’t wait until they are available for purchase.

I’m glad it doesn’t have that dashboard “wart” some other car have, like the SparkEV.

A very nice looking car in my opinion. They will not have any problems selling that car, especially in Europe.

Am I the only one that wants the BOLT in this Burnt Orange metallic color? I would drive this.
I’m not fond of the white / grey interior. Maybe a black / grey interior.

Get in line, buddy, I also want a burnt orange Bolt!

GM outdid themselves on this one. Great packaging and design wedded to masterful engineering.

Anyone find out if GM has changed their stance yet on building/expanding DC QC charging? Last I heard, they had committed NOT to do anything towards building or investing in Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure.

As far as I can tell, Tesla is still the only game in town for any long distance travel by Electric Vehicles. The Model 3 will be worth the wait.

As I’ve posted previously, GM is funding infrastructure expansion, regardless of what the official in is, through the EVgo Recharge For No Charge program.

No BOLT for me after what they are doing to Tesla.

I’ll wait for the Model 3.

Although it does look really interesting I have to question GMs motives after their attack on tesla and no charging infrastructure.

I understand GM’s stance on Tesla’s dealer/showroom. It gives them Tesla an unfair advantage. If GM started an EV division would they be allowed to bypass the franchise model? What about a new ICE car manufacture, would they be able to do what Tesla’s doing?

im 6ft 4 in 260 lbs. sat in a spark ev not a chance. i use my ev to drive me around. 2013 coda 25000 miles and doable as far as comfort. outdated yet very durable !