VW Asks: What Do You Think Electric Cars Look Like? Video


Like golf carts, of course.

Or some funky, out-of-this-world creation that’s not at all appealing.

There’s no way something as state-of-the-art as an electric car can look at all normal, right?


It turns out that the typical production electric car can often go unnoticed, as it sometimes very closely resembles a gas or traditional car.

Yes, there are some wacky concept EVs out there and even some odd-looking production electric cars, but that’s the exception, not the rule.

By in large, an electric car looks conventional, though often minus the front grill.

However, this clip from Volkswagen shows that the public still believes electric cars look funky. That’s not at all true when you compare the VW e-Golf to the Volkswagen GTI though.

Video description:

We think you’ll be as surprised as us to hear what the public thought an electric car looked like!

Find out what they had to say before and after comparing the e-Golf and the Golf GTI.

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Now see, that’s where I got completely confused. I thought that was the point of the Golf, to look like a big golf cart, ICE or EV regardless. I haven’t liked the car market for the last 20 years. I like the old BMW’s, Landrover Defender, old Jaguars, Nissan 240, Ford Bronco, Cadillacs with big fins, Buick Roadmaster, and ’60’s style suits while we’re at it. For me, Rivian, Bollinger, and Tesla are here to save us from our ugly, cracker box car obsession.

You are relieved that VW came out with an electric car that looks like that other thing in your driveway. I say no amount of advertising can reign in the upstart car companies willing to provide attractive transportation. It’s time to pay the piper.

I can’t tell you how many times I have had this conversation with people, even when just talking about regular hybrids. People always ask “Why can’t they make them that look like regular cars?” And my response is always “There are plenty that look like regular cars, but you don’t notice them when they are going down the road because they look like, well, regular cars.”

Everyone notices the Prius, but not in a good way.

I’m confused. Is VW trying to undo the damage they did with their own absurdly designed concept EV’s? Or are they trying to target some specific EV competitor that they are trying to say looks absurd? Or are they just trying to calm the fears of potential buyers that are afraid to stick out?

Because VW has been spending years putting out a huge volume of concept cars (that are never built or sold), many of which are some off the oddest cars this side of China.

Volkswagen Nils electric concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show 13.09.2011:


VW electic dune buggy:


PS — the answer is that EV’s should be like ICE cars have been for decades. Some EV’s should look just like every other car on the road, because that’s clearly what car buyers have already been attracted to buying. Other EV’s should be unique, because there has always been a market for unique ICE cars too.

I would like it so much if they would offer the Nills in reality with 100 miles of range and with 75 mph top speed!
90% of the time, I only use my car for commuting and I am alone in the car.
Of course it is not suitable for single car families but perfect as second.

Concepts are just loads of wishful thinking and ‘why might be’. I’ve never considered what is shown in a ‘concept’ as being a promise of production.
I wish more people would take concepts as just being an idea or a proof of technology.

This VW advert won’t get the amount of praise it really deserves simply because it is VW.

A lot of people think that an EV has to look like a Prius (mk 1 version). Compare to that the original leaf is a pretty good looking car.

I want my next EV to be attractive and interesting looking, to stand out a bit. Not be boring like most cars on the road. The Golf is not an exciting looking vehicle.

One man’s boring is another’s subtle and understated. I like exciting looking cars….for other people. That way I get to look at them but I generally don’t want to own them.

The general public in EU buying VW doesn’t even have any knowledge about regular cars. If they did, they would not be buying cars from this horrific company. Be aware that in the EU, consumers are not as well protected as in US. Therefore, there are still some 10 million dieselcheaters on our roads today, and people with VW/Audi are spending bigtime when it comes to annual repairs and extraordinary maintenance due to owning technical weak producs. But then again, as I mentioned, they think it’s normal, as they have no clue what a good car, or what VW is, or stands for.

Take this in mind while watching this video.

You probably think very high of yourself if you can speak in the name of a few million people.
Americans were so well protected in Dieselgate because they found an oportunity to fine an European company with tens of billions and maybe cut down their sales by a lot in favour of GM or Ford, both of them being known as masters in reliability.

The EU ‘government’ did absolutely nothing to protect our health in dieselgate. If I start driving my car right now or take a walk, I’ll be inhaling toxic VW fumes within 5 minutes as 1 out 5 cars on the road overe here has VW dieseltech under the hood. (Skoda, Seat, Audi, Porsche, VW)

Be aware that in the EU, consumers are not as well protected as in US.
Why do you think that? What advantages do US consumers have over those of us in Europe?

Well for starters we have a government mandate for battery life in EVs which means our manufacturers use active thermal management to prolong battery life. VW golf does not have active thermal management system (correct me if I’m wrong). That is utterly bush league in today’s EV world. Also if our manufacturers had a charging network that was as predictably unreliable as Electrify America they would get sued out of existence for false advertising.

Cant’t pay your mortgage? Deliver the key with your bank, and of you go. VW was forced to buy back their dieselcrap in the US.
Both of these 2 things are impossible over here. You’re alone in a very big wood.
Sue a company in the EU because they did not deliver? only if you have very very deep pockets…

Oh thanks. I’ll wrong my hands and look properly anguished when I watch it.

The Golf GTI is no paragon of automotive styling. If I were at VW, I’d think twice before bragging about how much we can make our electric cars look like a Golf. However… I’ve always viewed most of the German car makers as ultra-stodgy, and this ad just confirms that impression. The e-Golf may do nothing for me, but it does hold true to VW’s brand personality, and I guess that of their regular customers.

The GTI is a practical, has a great interior from a fit, finish and practicality point of view, looks adult enough for an….adult to drive and happens to be a fun drive as well.

Main difference to ICE-Golf: no tow hitch for e-Golf for absolutely no technically plausible reason.
VW, don’t treat your customers like fools!

My co worker frequently calls my 2016 Golf a golf cart….but he thinks everyone should drive a GMC so .

EV fanatics notice Teslas, but when I say to a friend/coworker/relative that does not follow EV trends: “hey there’s a Tesla”, they can rarely spot it.
Just proves that to the general public Teslas just look like other cars.
And they are successful.
They key is to build brand image – anyone not know what a Jeep looks like?