Video: Vossen Test Drive of Tesla Model S is Pure Art


Aftermarket wheel supplier Vossen recently got hold of a Tesla Model S, which it fitted with some fancy rims and then hit the road from some test drives.



It’s obvious from the video that all of those who got seat time in the Model S were impressed, but that’s to be expected.

What this video has that most Model S test drives don’t is some artful displays of the Model S.

The camera work is trick, allowing the sheer beauty of the Model S to shine through.

We rather like it when an automobile becomes art and those rims are killer too.

Watch as this test drive turns into a photo op with the Model S in the spotlight.

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“Tesla Model S is Pure Art”. It is, but not with those rims to be honest!

agreed, stock rims look best

Those are sum ugly rimz, dawg.

Personally, I like the stock 19″ rims on the Model S — they match the car well. The optional 19″ cyclon and 21″ turbine rims are okay (neither would be my choice, they are borderline gimmicky-looking to me).

But… the recently-added optional 19″ aero wheels take the cake… they look just awful. Who would want those things?

I don’t like them rims either. Must be me 🙂

I think one important thing to get from the video is how the Model S appeal crosses through all kinds of different interests. The aftermarket community falling in love with Model S wiill be important for its continued success.