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While the decision by Volkswagen to have record setting, supersonic skydiver  Felix Baumgartner take their fuel efficient super car, the XL1, on a test spin might not seem like the best choice of a potential reviewer, but irregardless, we get some real good looks at the company’s 261 mpg 2-seater.

Test Drive Video Gives Us Some Good Looks At The VW XL1 In Action

Test Drive Video Gives Us Some Good Looks At The VW XL1 In Action

Besides the astounding MPG figure, which the plug-in VW gets from a .8L engine that puts out 48 hp and a 20 kW electric motor, the car also gets 31 miles of all electric range.

Mr. Baumgartner was particularly taken by the fit and finish of the car, as well as all the carbon fiber work on the vehicle.

And while the car has slightly offset 1+1 seating and no rear or side mirrors (cameras and monitor are found in their place), the skydiver clearly enjoyed driving something far out side the norm.  And that is probably the reaction VW is looking for in marketing the car.

But more than the skydiver’s opinion to us, we get to see Volkswagen’s near $100,000, limited-run car in action, and it does not disappoint.  For more details on the car, check out the XL1’s first drive report here.

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Takeaway message: This is a car of the future. You will never own one.

The joke is that a small, two seat car, weighing under a ton, with these aerodynamics, and a small engine could have been built 50 years ago. It would have achieved half the mileage of this plug-in hybrid, but it still would have been three times more efficient than what people are driving.

So what? People choose their cars to make a statement. “I care about my children’s future.” isn’t high on the list.

It these things must all have gull wings. Because we know that all cars in the future have gull wings.

I dont know why Elon felt he had to have him some of that gull wing goodness on his next SUV.

Elon and his engineers put some thought in the doors and made them a bit more practical by giving them an elbow. The double-hinged doors of the Model X are supposed to take less clearance to open and make life much easier by being out of the way. The Model X cannot come out too soon.

The XL1 is not the car of the future, it exists today. It is arguably not very practical or “normal”, but the technology is available now to put the XL1 in every garage. Arguably the XL1 is a car of the past — it still has an ICE, albeit a small and very economical one. Nevertheless a few of us would refuse at least test-driving one 🙂

I would argue that it is far more practical than any cars now sold, in that it moves a 100 kilo load, efficiently, in a less than 1,000 kilo container. My point was that we are not interested in practicality/sustainability. We are peacocks.