Video: Volkswagen XL1 Rolls Into London


With cameras flashing and passers-by taking notice, the stunning and amazingly efficient plug-in hybrid Volkswagen XL1 rolled into London.

Or, as Volkswagen explains it:

XL1 in London

XL1 in London

“The world’s most fuel-efficient hybrid production vehicle, the XL1, was taken for a drive through London and unsurprisingly, it got quite a lot of attention.”

Of course the XL1 turns heads.  It’s radical design is quite unlike any production vehicle ever made.

But the true highlight of the XL1 is its efficient operation.  Here are some details on that:

  • all electric range of 31 miles
  • slightly askew 2 person seating
  • an aerodynamic Cd rating of just 0.18
  • vehicle weight of  1,753 pounds.
  • top speed of 98 mph

Oh, and a claimed fuel efficiency rating of only 261 MPGe.

Check out this for more info on the XL1,

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Looks like a modern day EV1

Where is the modern day EV1, what happened to the EV1, and why?

Yes. Where is it? I have not heard a reasonable answer to that question yet. You’d almost think the OEM’s were afraid to succeed with an EV.

I know, two seaters don’t sell in big numbers. But the first generation Honda Insight is now a cult car, as is the EV1. And the original Tesla Roadster didn’t sell too badly either.

Your homework tonight is to watch, “Who Killed the Electric Car”. Don’t watch if you don’t want to get a little riled up…

OK so you have the choice of selling the Up! or the XL1 and you went for the Up! why? Just build these and sell them to people who want a Smart car with a bit of class, why they made it a VW and not an Audi I have no idea.

They need to start forcing the car companies in the EU to produce cars with an average rating of 95 gCO2/km to get these sort of concept cars on the market. Otherwise we are just going to continue to see ugly over priced EV’s being sold by companies that continue to spend billions on pushing massive SUV’s and sports cars onto urbanites with limited sense or parking ability.

btw I had a Smart car, lots and lots of fun and more practical than you might think but zero class.