Video: Volkswagen e-Up! Gets Equipped With Head-Turning Beats to Alert Pedestrians


As automakers continue to ponder what’s the ideal pedestrian warning sound for electric vehicles, Volkswagen thinks it has found the answer

e-Up! Turns Heads...Even Little Ones

e-Up! Turns Heads…Even Little Ones

According to Volkswagen:

“In the noise of the city, you hardly notice that the fully electric e-up! makes virtually no noise. That’s why we’ve given this urban runabout and its super quiet electric motor a voice to be proud of, complete with clueless passers-by, hidden speakers, and a very special passenger …”

The e-Up!’s unique pedestrian alert system doesn’t come standard though and it consumes almost the entire back seat, so maybe this isn’t the ultimate solution.  We’ll let you be the judge.

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Anyone remember the electric guard dog in Woody Allen’s film, “Sleeper”?

The little robot dog said, “Woof woof! My name is Rags! Woof Woof!” Funniest thing ever…

Electric cars should say, “*Beep!* I’m an Electric Car! *Beep!* I’m an Electric Car!” 😉


Actually pretty funny. Liked when they were stopped at the light. And at the end when he starts coughing.

I wish there could be an option with user changeable sounds you could control on demand from the steering wheel. There would be a lot of buttons though. But that could be pretty cool.

Hey, i recognise that place! thats in stockholm. i dident know the e-up were relased ther yet 🙂

I wish my Volt had an option to make the same noise the cars on the Jetson’s made…but only at very low speeds 🙂

Maybe if it just made the sound of someone letting a big one rip; that sure turns heads, LOL!