Video: Vandals Targeting Hybrids and EVs in La Jolla, California


It’s being reported that vandals are targeting hybrid and electric vehicles in La Jolla, California.

Vandals Seems to be Targeting Hybrids and EVs

Vandals Seems to be Targeting Hybrids and EVs

As 10News states:

“10News was contacted by even more residents who have been hit by vandals in Pacific Beach and the Bird Rock area of La Jolla. The vandals are targeting cars with a special interest in hybrids and electric vehicles.”

Keying and egging seems to be the most common type of vandal activity in La Jolla.  Though there have been some extreme cases of front grills getting ripped off of vehicles.

Check out the video for more on the vandalous activity going on in La Jolla.

Source: 10 News

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I wouldn’t have expected that in CA. If anything I would have expected it here in Texas. But then again, people in Texas tempt death when messing with another person’s vehicle. We don’t kid around with that kind of thing.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

No kidding. “It looked like a weapon, I feared for my life, and I stopped the threat.”

I <3 Texas.

You’d risk your life to stop a vandal?

Seems crazy.

La Jolla is the wealthiest suburb of San Diego CA. It has many University And College campuses as well as other academic institutions.

Probably a wealth class issue rather than a BEV hybrid issue.

The perception among some that wealthy snobs drive BEV hybrid cars.

Meanwhile Prius number 1 selling vehicle in CA.

“Grills getting ripped off of vehicles”? EV’s? Hybrids like the Volt and Prius? Grills? That sure adds up. Anyway, as Rob Stark said, it’s likely a class issue while ironically targeting cars that were bought to cut down running costs or cars like the Prius which is the best seller over there.

Hired by the oil companies, no doubt. 😉

What I heard: “This vehicular vandalism is Escalading.”

For what it’s worth we live in San Francisco Noe Valley and have had BOTH our EVs vandalized when parked on the street some a couple times along with others in the neighborhood. Damage included acetone thrown on EVERY door and light, windows being smashed, windows being cut with a glass cutter and one time the words “RIP EV” cut into the front window.

This is not restricted to PB.

Sounds dreadful! The most likely culprit would be 15 years olds who are immature enough to hold grudges against what kind of car it is. I wouldn’t think of young adults would do this. Well, I don’t live in a country where there are what you guys call frats who flood or greatly increase the rate of fuel of injectors in their diesels to “Roll Coal” and cover whoever they want in soot. I wouldn’t know if they would act like this or not.

I’d stand next to my car carrying my AR-15. Lets see how brave they are.

Here’s a link to a photo

Anyone hearing a reference to “Who killed the electric car?” here……

We live close to each other. I’ve had the window on my CNG Civic shot out with a 9mm. The police didn’t think it had anything to do with environmental concerns. I tend to agree.

Alternative energy vehicles do receive some class violence. We need to think about how we communicate good choices. Kudos to Anderian and his Escalading comment, but unfortunately I, mainly a bicyclist, fear the Escalade and its ilk when I see it coming down the street towards me. Too many close calls with big SUVs on streets not designed for them. It is tough to hold the moral high ground when you’re lying on it.

Wonderful, one more bunch of crap to deal with.

Sounds different than the “environmentalists” in DC that were vandalizing Hummers because they disagreed with the owners choice of vehicle. Live and let live people.

Live and reprimand. Inaction against evil is a form of consent. 😉

Hybrids are one step closer to skynet.

Interesting report, to say the least. For what it’s worth, I have seen the scratched Volt door somewhere else a month ago, and wonder if the TV station simply reused it.

We went to La Jolla last summer and my wife thought that someone splattered our Volt with a milk shake. Well, after closer inspection my wife realized it was the doings of a Seagull! I thought birds wouldn’t target environmentally friendly cars LOL.

I suggest a $100 fine and a lobotomy!

It’s FOX news headquarters in La Jolla?

I think that we shouldn’t equate electric cars with a certialn class of political affiliation. I am a Libertatian/ Republican and I drive an electric car and have solar panels. If we continue with the hipster thinking it will only scare away people from the electric car bandwagon. After all we all agree that Electric cars are good for us and the enviroment

Maybe Neil Cavuto and Eric Bolling are out vandalizing electric cars. Those guys hate em’

I have a Prius and was just vandalized. Eggs, silly string, sardines and slashed a tire. I live in Rancho Bernardo.