Video: US’ Most Frugal Man Buys a Tesla Model S…Wanna Know Why?


Clark Howard is regarded as a “consumer expert” and is known as the man who shows you “ways to save more, spend less and avoid rip-offs.”  Through his nationally syndicated radio show. which is appropriately titled “The Clark Howard Show,” Howard tries to advise consumers on ways to squeeze every cent out of a dollar.

Clark Howard's Motto: Save More, Spend Less...

Clark Howard’s Motto: Save More, Spend Less…

So, why then would Howard purchase an expensive Tesla Model S?


The answer is simple: the Model S is the best vehicle Howard has ever driven.

For once, price didn’t factor into a decision made by Howard.  Why would it when the Model S is the “best?”

As Howard says of the Model S, “I had no idea driving could be this much fun.

For Howard though, driving the Model S won’t be a daily occurrence, as it’ll be his wife’s ride.

What does the US’ most frugal man drive then?  A Nissan LEAF.

Source: HLN Evening Express

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9 Comments on "Video: US’ Most Frugal Man Buys a Tesla Model S…Wanna Know Why?"

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Musk’s plan of changing the perception of EVs seems to be working more and more everyday.

If he’s frugal, why’d he get married? 🙂


I’ll bet he has a spreadsheet somewhere with a cost analysis…

Perhaps his wife owes more than he does?

More great “non-advertizing” from Tesla Owners; the product that sells itself and makes happy owners either boast, blog or broadcast how awesome it is. 🙂

It was great until the idiot interviewer said:
“It sounds like a golf cart”

How do you answer that remark without taking the conversation off into another tangent. Golf carts and electric fork lifts have noisy electric whines not heard with electric cars. The dude’s comment should have earned an eye-roll coupled with an “uhhh-not quite…reeeeally not” kind of response.

Ha, even the most frugal man in the world gets trumped by “happy wife happy life”.

And Kdawg takes the win on this thread!