Update on 70 Nissan LEAF Taxis in Mexico (Video)


70 lucky taxi drivers in México have been carting passengers around in stylized Nissan LEAFs for over a year now as part of a pilot program launched in 2011.

Nissan LEAF taxis line up in Mexico.

Nissan’s objective was simple: “to showcase the car’s technology while building experience and evidence of the Nissan LEAF potential under various driving conditions in México.”

Where better to test “various driving conditions” than in the capable hands of taxi drivers?

20 Nissan LEAF taxis traverse the roads in Mexico City and the remaining 50 whiz around in the Mexican state of Aguascalientes.

Mexico City taxi driver Cristóbal Reynoso had this to say of his experience driving the LEAF:

“The car is extremely easy to drive, a completely automatic car with no shifting of gears.  The steering is very soft with no problem whatsoever.  The mirrors are functional.  The seats are very comfortable.  It is a new car.  The reaction is 100 percent positive, once again, because it is a new car, and there are only 20 Nissan LEAFs in Mexico City, a big difference. People ask you why is it so different compared to other cars? How do you charge it up? How many hours can you drive? How fast is it? How were you chosen to drive it? All these questions are very pleasant for me, so it is very fun.”

The LEAF taxis are on Mexican roads as part of a program appropriately called Zero Emissions Taxis.  The 70 electric taxis have combined to eliminate three tons of CO2 emissions from making its way to the atmosphere.

Check out the video for more first-hand accounts on the performance of the Nissan LEAF as a taxi.

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It is official, Mexico city has been more advanced and progressive than Arlington VA (defacto the VA half of Washington DC) for over a year.

I’m unclear on how it would work as a taxi. 60-80 miles of driving then 6-7 hours of L2 charging? Perhaps the placement of them is for a bunch of really short trips.

Chademo fast charging can recharge a Leaf in 20 minutes. Just a dozen of these chargers placed around the city can support 100s of Leafs running 24×7. On top of that 1/10th the cost per mile or less for fuel and only tires for maintenance. A huge advantage to any taxi company.