Video: UK Review of Tesla Model S Seems Like a Scripted Advertisement


Few reviews of the Tesla Model S are overly negative, as there simply aren’t a lot of flaws to point out, but when a review gushes over everything, including the key fob, then it becomes a little suspect.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

As this UK video review of the Model S states:

“Even the keyfob is cool, the Tesla is a car that you can’t help but love. The car itself has very few flaws and is a geek’s paradise…”

“A luxury car made from high end materials, this car is aimed at the upper end of the car market with prices starting north of 60K. Other manufacturers are dipping their toes in the water with hybrids and electric cars, but Tesla, to its credit has launched itself into the electric market. By being so gung-ho it could reap the benefits as the Model S is certainly going to woo motorists into Tesla’s ranks.”

“It’s eco-friendly too, the Tesla S is a pure electric car meaning it emits zero CO2 and there’s no BIK tax to pay. That should result in savings on company car tax making it a cracking purchase for business drivers.”

The problem is that even Tesla admits the Model S is not a luxury vehicle and never comments on the “high end materials” within.

We love the Tesla Model S just as much as the next guy, but we’d rather see honest reviews where both the highlights and flaws are pointed out, rather than the obvious fanboyism.  It just doesn’t help the cause if you wear your bias on your sleeve.

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the key fob is awesome…. not suspect, its the greatest car ever made.

the interior in the model s is lovely, its simple and clean.

Thats true Brandon, the Basic “S” interior reminds me of the Chevy Biscayne my family had when I was a kid. Of course if you want something besides “Simple and Clean” plastic, they have plenty of options to get it near to the lavishness of a standard ELR, but the standard Caddy still has more opulent materials not quite as of this date available on the “S”, however, if the ELR makes sales inroads, then I’m sure Musk will offer them as yet another option to be competitive.

Right now, a 60 kwh stripped S beats the caddy elr by around $5000. But if you want opulence, then per Scott200’s analysis you need to spend $14k more for the S. Which for some people is OK because the S was defined as a “mid size”, not a compact which the ELR really is (due to the 4 seats, the elr might be defined by some as a subcompact).

So, if you need the room, the “S” wins.

I’m glad the “S” has an improved Key Fob.
Even Musk complained about the roadster Fob falling apart in his hands during that “Revenge of the Electric Car”. (Its something we roadster owners have to tolerate, as well as constantly cleaning the fob battery holder, and the 5 foot range (on a good day) to the car), when my Volt fob will work hundreds of feet away and the panic button can be used to locate the car in a huge parking lot if I’ve forgotten where I parked it.

But in fairness, all these “MOTOR” Tv shows are basically 1/2 hour commercials. If they weren’t they wouldn’t get any more free cars to evaluate.

I think you’re right… They’re probably itching to test a Model X next.

I don’t get this “not a luxury car” bit. As in, it doesn’t have heaters or an electrically-assisted cover for said cup holders?

The seats are not overstuffed like a lazy boy chair, to be sure, but that is part of the Northern European design ethic.

Perhaps it’s just positioning – luxury is generally thought to be incompatible with performance?

I call it a luxury performance sedan. Clearly it is both.

Of course is a high end target car. Do you wanna call it middle class sedan of $100K
Awesome car though.