Video: Two BMW i8s Spotted Uncovered on Public Roads


Not one, but two gray 2014 BMW i8s are captured together in this video.

Caught Fueling

Caught Fueling

Aside from some official footage released by BMW, this may well be the first time we’ve seen the BMW i8 fully uncovered on public roads.

The video picks up when a pair of pre-production i8s pull in for some fuel, then it’s off they go.

We’re guessing BMW would rather not have these plug-ins seen at fueling stations, but when you need some gas, then you do what you gotta do.

Though there’s no tire-smoking action in this video, seeing the gorgeous i8 in public is more than enough to make us drool.

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Even more sexy than the Model S. I’m sure they will sell despite being slower, more expensive and less roomy.

Well obviously more sexy; it is a sports car, after all 😉

I hope Tesla is paying attention.

The roadster looked good, but the look was not theirs.
The look of the next roadster will be, and it has to look at least as beautiful as this.