Video: Turns Out Tesla Motors Didn’t Get a Government Loan, So Says Fox News Now


  • Loan.
  • Tesla Motors loss.

    Failed Green Energy Policies According to Fox News

    Failed Green Energy Policies According to Fox News

  • Taxpayers pay for Tesla.
  • All these startups work for a year and then fail.
  • All green firms fail.
  • We force electric cars on the public even though they don’t want them.

Those were basically the words of the old Fox News, right up until Tesla turned a profit.

Now the story from the new Fox News is entirely different.

Tesla is “venture capital backed?”

Tesla did “not get a government loan.”

Wow…Talk about a turnaround at Fox News.

Watch.  You’ll be laughing for sure.  We did.

Source: Media Matters via YouTube

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15 responses to "Video: Turns Out Tesla Motors Didn’t Get a Government Loan, So Says Fox News Now"
  1. Aaron says:

    This is why I’m horrified that my dad watches Faux News, and defends it. Wow.

  2. Nelson says:

    The crap on Fox news is so tiresome I’m amazed anyone even watches it.


    1. Priusmaniac says:

      Got to take a view of a channel called RTBF in Belgium. It is a socialist party sponsored TV that is kind of the extreme opposite of Fox news. Actually when you watch both you kind of get the middle standing reality, so Fox news still has some role to play.

  3. GeorgeS says:


  4. EVsEverywhere says:

    Huge THANK YOU to Fox “News” for creating all those busted TSLA shorts that have created a great return for me on paper so far.

  5. Open-Mind says:

    Let’s see … a large news network employs dozens of commentators, and they don’t all agree with each other. Not that amazing.

    What is amazing … the left’s hate for FNC is strongest when FNC commentators say things they *agree* with. The world’s psychiatrists cannot explain it. 😉

    1. Brian says:

      Given that the title of this article is “Tesla didn’t get a government loan”, I would hardly say that the left agrees with Fox…

  6. Rob says:

    I said it before and I will repeat it – commies are so stupid that they do not even understand what they see. This video proves me right. Watch it one more time and count how many opinions you criticize were expressed by Fox people and how many were expressed by people invited to Fox studio. You can do a similar video “proving” that CNN is republican. I guess I will need to stop visiting your site. Aside from the fact that you promote good cause, you are really low intelligence bunch of Obama’s commies.

    1. Jay Cole says:

      Hey! We are not all “Obama commies,” I was born in Canada like yourself.

      /it’s probably just Eric, (;

    2. Open-Mind says:

      Rob, you have to admit this is pretty funny: The author has the nerve to complain about FNC bias, then relies on left-funded propaganda network “Media Matters” to support his position.

      That’s irony-cake with hypocrisy-frosting.

      FYI … Media Matters has tax-exempt status granted in 2004 by the Bush-IRS. Unlike President Obama, Bush was not clever enough to use his IRS to crush political opposition.

    3. Steven says:

      Rob, I’m not a commie, I’m Socialist. Next time, get it right.

  7. Dan Frederiksen says:

    ahhh, right wingers. may they burn in hell

    1. Open-Mind says:

      I’m confused. Aren’t you lefties supposed to be the ones who are open minded, kind, and caring?

  8. I think reality has a liberal bias … or something like that.


  9. Steven says:

    If Fox says it, it must be right. They would never lie to us… .Now pass me the Kool-Aid.